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What is Acsole

Acsole is a blog available in 2 languages. Which is Hindi and English, out of which all the English articles of Acsole are present on the home page. More Hindi articles are available at The desired person can read the content of his language. You can download and print them. As well as can share on your social media accounts, a team works for writing articles on Acsole.

What users can do on Acsole

Any internet user can easily come to Acsole and read the articles present here. Can save it and if any user has a problem with any of the content on Acsole or that content doesn’t solve that person’s problem. So that person can also reach through comments, on Acsole only registered users as authors can write articles. And if you want to publish any of your articles on Acsole, then for this you have to contact Acsole team.

How is Acsole monetized?

Because you can read any article on Acsole for free, for which you do not have to pay any kind of payment. But a team works to run Acsole, and a server is required, whose payment is high. Because Acsole is self funded and does not take payment from any users, we use advertising to monetize our content. And Acsole’s team has no control over any advertisement shown on Acsole. And Acsole does not manage any rules applicable to that advertisement. Because the advertising company that is used on Acsole is adsense, and advertisements are run on Acsole by adsense only. Which you can see in the middle of the article on Acsole or at the beginning or end of the article.

Comment rules on Acsole

Any user of Acsole can comment on any article on Acsole. For which you will not need any account. You just need to have an email account, you can comment using the comment box present at the end of any article. To comment, first you have to write your comment. And you have to enter your name in the name box, after that you have to enter your email address. And if you have a website, then you can also enter the address of your website, after that you can submit. And if you want that you do not have to enter your name, your email and your website address again and again to comment on Acsole. So you mark the “Save my details for further comment” check box below the comment box of Acsole and then submit it. So that you will be able to access your details on Acsole from your current browser, And when you go to any Acsole article to comment again, your details will automatically appear under the comment box. All you have to do is write your comment and submit it. But we do not guarantee that your comment will be published on Acsole because if you make any spam comment, your comment will be disapproved.

Acsole Related posts

You will find the option of related posts below all the content of Acsole, in which you will get to see some content. Which will be shown based on the content you have opened, maybe that content is useful for you, click on that title to read any of those content.

Acsole Search box

If you do not find the article you are looking for on Acsole, you can use the search box on Acsole. In which you will have to write the keyword from which you are looking for the related article on Acsole, and then click on the search button of the search box. If you search for a long keyword, then you may not get any search result on Acsole, in this case try searching for a short keyword.