Google what is your name

Just imagine that if your name is Anil Kumar, and if someone asks you what is your name Anil Kumar. So what will be your answer, in the same way many people ask Google what is your name Google. You should understand that Google’s name is Google itself. Google what is your name?

google what is your name

Google’s name is Google itself, which uses the domain name And its title is Google, and almost everyone uses Google Search or Google Assistant. So that they get the answers to their questions very easily. So in such a situation, there is often a curiosity in the minds of people to know more about Google. So you have come to know, what is the name of Google. And if you are curious to know more about Google, read the information below. Who is the owner of what Google is and how it works. Or how does he earn his money.

And if we are talking about the name of Google then it will be a bit surprising for you to know. That the way people have names, and there are many people with the same name, that way cannot be done in the internet industry at all. As there is Google and its domain name is, then there can be only one domain name of on the whole internet. It is not that the government or anyone else has stopped it from doing so. Rather, this is the system of domain name servers, a name can have only one domain. For example, two folders cannot be created with the same name in the same directory in the folder of computer or mobile. In the same way, multiple internet company ie websites cannot be created with the same name.

The name was purchased on 15 September 1997, and Google was founded on 4 September 1998. This question is bound to come in your mind, that when domain name was bought in 1997. So how did it get established in 1998? So the very simple answer is that buying a domain name does not mean establishing that company. Rather the main function is to provide services on it. Sergey Brin and Larry Page introduced Google as a search engine in 1998. Which in no time started competing with Yahoo, the world’s largest search engine at that time. And at this time Google has become the largest internet company in the world with a lot of services.

And if you google what is your name. If you ask Google Assistant, you will get the answer that I am Google Assistant. This is because Google has launched an Assistant application separately. Which helps people to use their phone in many ways and get more information. Through Google Assistant, you can message, call, open any application just by speaking. Can play songs and perform a variety of tasks.

The biggest difference between Google and Google Assistant is that Google Assistant works to assist people in many ways. But Google Assistant gets all those information through Google search engine. Because Google has all the information around the world, due to which accuracy unity can be seen in the answers of Google Assistant. That is, when you ask a question to Google Assistant, you get the right answers to the answers to most of the questions, which is due to Google.

If Google Assistant does not use data from the Google search engine, then Google Assistant cannot provide accurate information. Because articles are constantly published on Google with new and better information. And Google search engine keeps indexing it by crawling it. And those information are presented in Google search. Simultaneously, Google Assistant also processes those information. But the specialty of Google Assistant is that it does not just provide you the search results of the website. Rather he also tries to give you satisfactory answers, as if two people are talking face to face.

google what are you doing

Asking what Google are you doing can be a bit funny. But you have been quite surprised, knowing what Google is always doing. So understand this much that Google is a worker 24 hours a day, because Google is a machine. More than 150000 people work to run it. Google has many servers in different countries around the world, which are active 24 hours a day. And stay connected to high speed internet, and when people search anything on Google. If you use Google or any other Google service in any way, all data is processed by Google’s data center. Which is fully automated.

The entire business of Google is related to computer hardware and software. Google’s biggest service is the Google search engine, Android and YouTube. And almost everyone uses these services of Google absolutely free. So in such a situation, this question is bound to come in your mind, that when all the services of Google are absolutely free, then how does Google manage all its data centers and more than 150000 employees. So maybe you will be surprised to know that even if you think that Google does not make money through you. But Google indirectly earns money by using you.

For which Google uses advertising, such as if you search anything on Google. So you get to see some advertisements first in the search result. Or if you play videos on YouTube, then you get to see advertisements. Or you use another different website. So on some websites i.e. about 80 to 90 percent of the website, you will get to see Google’s ads.

And because it has a huge number of users, just like Google serves billions of ads daily. And on the basis of impressions and clicks of that Google, Google earns money. As well as the owners of other websites, there is another service of Google which is “Google Adsense”. His ads earn money by using the company on the website. Along with this, Google also provides many other premium services. And many hardware devices are also provided, although most people use Google’s free services. But Google still makes money.

And Google works on the basis of advertising. The advantage of which is that any person from all over the world can use Google and its other services absolutely free. And almost every Internet user uses Google. And on the other hand you can guess by yourself. That if Google did not use advertising, but had to take a subscription to use Google, how much less its number of users would be.

With a single click on Google, the search results appear in front of you. Due to which you will find it much easier. But the engineering behind it is very hard, which Google always works to improve. And you can notice changes in Google from time to time, that almost every service of Google keeps on changing at some point of time.

google where is your home

Google is completely based on computer programs. And the file of computer programming coding is present on Google’s server. And Google’s headquarter is Mountain View, California, United States. So if you say about this, then the country whose company is Google. He can consider his home, that is, America is the home of Google. Or in other words, Google’s data center is the home of Google, from where all the data is processed.

Or in a way, you can call your computer, mobile, etc. Google’s home. But it would be a bit unfair to say, because Google will only work if your phone is connected to the internet. Because as soon as you turn off the internet. Your Google YouTube and Google Assistant etc stop engaging. Because your mobile is not able to connect to Google’s home i.e. Google’s data center. And when you connect your mobile or computer to the internet. And when your device connects to Google’s home ie Google’s data center, then Google starts responding.

The photo of Google’s 2 data centers is shown below.

Google data centre

Google data centre

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In this article you learned Google what is your name. Google where do you live? We hope this information will prove useful to you.