How to create email account

Gmail account is a huge need of today. Because whatever online work is done, How to create email account, today, email id is required for most of all work. Even for android phones, Gmail id has become absolutely mandatory. Because without Gmail you cannot use all the features of android phone. How to create email account.

Normally, both email and gmail are not different, they are only one mail service. Gmail is a mail service from google, which means Google mail. While email is not a service, it means electronic mail. And all mail services come inside email. Whether it is hotmail, rediffmail, gmail, outlook etc., all these are email services.

Although there are no other email services, but yes the use of google mail ie gmail is mostly seen. Because most of the websites use google login. Google has many of its own services, which even if you want to use it, you must have gmail. And there is hardly any internet user in the world who does not use google services. Definitely you also use some service/product of google.

how to create email account

  1. Go to and click on create account
  2. For myself select करें
  3. Enter your name Enter a username
  4. Enter a password for your Gmail account and re-enter the same password in the confirm box
  5. Click on Next button Click on next by entering details
  6. Enter your mobile number and click on next button Enter your mobile number for verification
  7. The code will come from Google, enter that code on the next page and verifyConfirm by entering OTP
  8. Select your date of birth, select gender and click on next button
  9. Scroll the page to read the gmail policy and click “I agree”

So your Gmail account is ready. You can use it for any work anywhere on the whole internet. However, there is no special need for Gmail and other settings. But I suggest that you enable 2sv in your gmail account. Because in terms of security, it is necessary to enable 2sv on gmail account.

So that if your gmail account gets hacked. Or if someone gets your gmail address and password, even then they will not be able to access your gmail account.

By the way, there are many settings of gmail account, about which you can read in our other articles. But an important setting of Gmail account is profile picture. Which you have not yet set in your gmail account.

how to put photo on email id

When we create our gmail account, the image of the first word of our name is automatically set as the profile picture of our account. If you want, you can remove and put your photo.

You have already arrived at although it doesn’t matter where you are,

  1. Go to google and click on the right-top circle
  2. Click on Camera iconClick on your DP
  3. Select a picture from your computer
  4. Crop after upload, and click on “Set as profile photo” buttonClick on set as profile photo button

Now your Gmail account is completely ready. I hope you have not faced any problem in creating your Gmail account.

how to create email id after reset

You should note down your email id somewhere before resetting your phone. So that you can login in your phone again with the same email id. Because if you create a new email ID for your phone, then you will not get all your documents or photos on Google Photos etc. in your old email. So first of all note down your email somewhere, after that reset your phone. And after that you log in to your phone again through the same email.

how to create email account from computer

The process of creating an email in a computer is exactly the same. Simply open Google Chrome and go to, and follow the above steps, you will be able to create your Gmail account.

How to Create a Google Email Account

Gmail itself is called Google ID. That is, if you create your account on Gmail, then your Google Gmail ID will be created.

how to create google account

Google uses the same Gmail login for all its services. If you create your Gmail account, then your Google account also becomes automatic. Or in a way, a Gmail account is a Google account. You are not given the option to create a separate Google account.

Benefits of creating an email account

  • Surely you must be using Google or you will not want to do it even if you do not. Because Google is the most used website in the world. And if you want to use any of Google’s products, then you must have a Gmail account.
  • If you want to do any work online, then an email account is needed in it. Because email account is used as verification and administrator to manage any online work.
  • An email account is also important for online job applications. Whether it is the government sector or the private sector, the importance of email accounts is increasing continuously in both the sectors.
  • Email account is one such option, which also works cross platform. Your email should also have been created on any provider. And even if you want to send a message to the email of any other email provider, you can send it while it is not possible on any other system, such as messenger WhatsApp etc.

In one article you learned how to create an email account. We hope this information will prove useful to you.