How to create Facebook account without mobile number

Everyone uses Facebook, and many people have accounts in more than one country. If you have already created your Facebook account using your mobile number. And are using but if you want to create more Facebook account in addition. So you will not be able to create Facebook account using that mobile number. Because Facebook allows only one Facebook account on a mobile number. Or if you want to run Facebook without mobile number for any other reason, then you can very easily create your Facebook account without any mobile number. and can use. And not only one or two Facebook accounts but you can also create 2, 4, 10, 20, 50 Facebook accounts, How to create Facebook account without mobile number.

how to create facebook account without mobile number

To create an account on Facebook, you have to do your verification. For which Facebook provides two methods, first is “Mobile number” and second is “Email account. If you do not want to create Facebook by entering your mobile number. You can create multiple email accounts using your mobile number.” Even if you do not have a mobile number, you can create a Facebook account using an email account without a mobile number.

So let’s first create our Gmail account. So that you can create a Facebook account using your Gmail account. And if you use an Android phone, you must have already created an email account for yourself. Because when you use YouTube, Google, etc., an email account is required in these. For this, Google’s email ie Gmail is used.

So if you want to create Facebook account using your existing Gmail account, then follow this procedure to get your email account.

Create your own email account

  1. Go to your Google Application or YouTube Application
  2. Click on your profile picture Click on your name
  3. Your email address will appear containing your name. And then will be there, note it, this is your email address

how to create facebook account with email

Now you can create your account by going to Facebook. And in the column with mobile number, you enter your email address instead of mobile number. And the way OTP comes on the mobile number for verification. In the same way, OTP will be sent to the email address entered by you. By which you have to enter the Facebook verification page.

  1. Open Facebook and click on signup and enter your name and other information and click on next
  2. Enter email address in mobile number/email
  3. Verify your Facebook account by entering the verification pin on your email 

Benefits of creating a Facebook account without a mobile number

By the way, a normal internet user does not need a fake Facebook account. Because a normal user uses Facebook to connect with their friends, share their photos with them, etc. But if you want to run a secondary Facebook account, which is not related to your primary Facebook account in any way. So you can create your second Facebook account using your email. And if you do any business, for which you want a separate Facebook account, then this can also help you in this matter.

But if you just want to create a second Facebook account to run your business, then you don’t need to do that at all. Because you can bring your business on your Facebook account only by using your main Facebook account. For which you have to create a page using your Facebook account. Everyone uses Facebook page for their business. No person uses a normal Facebook profile for his business.

Because you can advertise the contact put on the Facebook page. So that you will get more customers for your business, but a normal Facebook post cannot be advertised. And you can create tons of Facebook pages right from your main Facebook account.

How to Create Multiple Facebook Accounts

However, one does not need to create multiple Facebook accounts. But if you still want to create multiple Facebook accounts. And if you want to run it, then you are absolutely free for it. And to do this, you can use different mobile numbers if you want. That is, you can buy more than one mobile number, and create your Facebook account using all those mobile numbers.

But if you have only one mobile number. And if you don’t want to buy more numbers, you can create multiple email accounts. And there are many email companies out there that you can use to create your own email. Such as gmail or yahoo etc., and if you use gmail or yahoo, etc. trusted companies. So of course you have to enter your mobile number while creating email account. And you have to verify your email, then only your email account will be activated.

And there is no limit on how many emails you can create using one mobile number. Just keep in mind that not too many verification codes can be processed within a given time frame. That is, suppose if you create your email account on Gmail. So after sending the verification code for about 10 to 15 times, the verification code may not be processed. If this happens, you’ll have to wait a while, then you can create and verify your email account.

Apart from this, you can create your email on Yahoo or such companies. Which allow you to create an email account for free and without any verification. You will not even need mobile number verification to create an email account on this. But you rarely need to create such email accounts. Because gmail and yahoomail will meet most of your needs.

And remember that if you create a Facebook account using email, in case you forget your Facebook account password. Or any other process has to go through Jyoti Verification Process. Then you will get OTP for that on your email account itself.

how to create facebook account without mobile number or email 

Facebook account cannot be created without any mobile number or email account. Because when any person creates a Facebook account, it is necessary to do verification to activate his account. By which the authenticity of that person is verified, and if you enter a mobile number or email while creating a Facebook account. And after you verify by entering the OTP coming on that mobile number or email, then you can create a Facebook account. Then it does not matter at all as to whose mobile number it is. Or else the email you have entered is fake or verified.

But if you create a Facebook account using an email. That is, the use of an email account that you have created from a website that is not trusted. Who has created your email account without any verification. So it cannot be guaranteed that how long your Facebook account will remain under your control. So whenever anyone wants to create a Facebook account. If you want to do anything, use the email service of famous companies like gmail or yahoomail etc.

If you are afraid that people will get your mobile number from your Facebook account, then make mobile number private.

If you don’t want to create your Facebook account with mobile number because other Facebook users will get your mobile number. So no need to fear at all, you can feel free to create a Facebook account using your mobile number. And go to the settings of your Facebook and make the phone number private. And at the same time lock your Facebook profile. And be absolutely sure, nobody will get your mobile number.

In this article you learned how to create Facebook account without mobile number. We hope this information will prove useful to you.