How to create Facebook account

Facebook is the largest social media site in the world today, people may or may not know something but Facebook definitely knows about social media. How to create facebook account, At this time almost every internet user uses Facebook. Social media sites, apps, are playing a very important role even in the matter of news at this time. Like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, whatsapp etc. And about one of these Facebook, today we are going to tell you how to create a Facebook ID.

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You just need to have mobile number / email. And then you can create your Facebook account very easily. If you are a blogger, then creating a Facebook account is even more important for you.

how to create facebook account

  1. Open click on sign up
  2. enter your name
  3. Enter your mobile number/email address in the next box
  4. Enter the password for your Facebook account
  5. Select your date of birth
  6. Select Gender and click on Sign up button, a verification code will come from Facebook. Enter details for your facebook account
  7. Enter that verification code on the verification page, and click on continue buttonVerify your account
  8. Next by setting profile picture
  9. Make some friends and go to homepage next 

how to upload post to facebook

I would suggest you optimize your privacy, comment etc setting before posting on Facebook. Like who can see your posts, who can comment on your post etc. So that later you will not have any problem.

  1. You can post on Facebook by clicking write something here . Such as photos, videos, texts, etc.Write something and post it

how to post status on facebook

Facebook did not have the option of status earlier, but Facebook added the status feature to WhatsApp as well as added the status feature to Facebook. Staus gets automatically deleted after 24 hours of posting. So let’s know how to post Facebook status.

  1. Click +Add to your story on
  2. Now if you want, attach and post videos, photos in this

If you want, you can also delete your Facebook status. But you will not need to delete it, it will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

So your Facebook account is ready, and you have also learned to post on Facebook. Even you have got this information about how to post status on Facebook.

But your social media profile is not complete yet. Now you have to complete your Facebook profile.

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complete facebook profile

If you have a link to your Facebook profile, you can go directly. Otherwise, to go to your Facebook profile, open and click on your name. You will see that right now your Facebook profile is completely empty which you have to complete.

So first of all we will change our Facebook profile picture. So let’s know how to change Facebook profile picture.

  1. After accessing your Facebook profile, click on the camera icon (add photo) in the circle.
  2. Click on +Upload photo, and select an image from your computer. Which you want to set as your Facebook profile picture.
  3. Now if you want, you can crop your picture as a circle. After cropping click on save button. (If you do not want to crop the image then click on skip cropping)

You can see that the profile picture has been added to your Facebook account. Now it is the turn to know how to change the cover photo of Facebook account.

  1. Click on Camera icon (Add cover photo), click on upload photo
  2. Select the image and want to reposition, then drag finally click on save changes

Images have been added to your Facebook account. And now it is the turn to complete the profile details.

enter facebook about

  1. click on add bio
  2. Tell about yourself in minimum words and click on save button.

Now it is the turn to enter the most important information in your Facebook account (if you make any changes, click on the save changes button)

  1. Click on the current town or city , in this you will get many options, enter whatever you want to enter, otherwise leave it like this
  2. Click on Work and Education , in this you can enter about your university, skills and workplace, etc.
  3. You can add and edit your basic info by clicking on Contact and basic info . Such as mobile number, email address, website, other social networks, etc.
  4. Click on Family and Relationship , whether you are single or married. You can only add people to the family who are on Facebook
  5. If you want to enter more details in your Facebook profile. So by clicking on Details about you can put
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how to chat on facebook

If you want to chat with any person on Facebook, you can do so by clicking on the messenger icon. Only a small window will open for chatting. Your previous chats will appear, click on the person you want to chat with. If you want, you can pick someone for chatting from the chat section.

  1. If you want a better chatting experience through Facebook. So open with messages
  2. That is, , in this you will get exactly the same experience as you get in messenger.

So your Facebook account is completely ready, I hope. That you will not have any problem in creating your Facebook account.

how to create new facebook account

Whenever you create a Facebook account, a new account is created. And if the old Facebook account has to be opened then it is called login.

how to create facebook account in mobile

Whether you want to create your Facebook account in mobile or computer, there is a similar process for both. You have to create your account by entering your personal details and mobile number

how to create facebook id

Login ID of your Facebook account is your mobile number or email on which you have created your Facebook account, and password is

How many digits is the password of Facebook ID

At least 6 digits have to be entered, you can enter a password of more digits. But a password of less than this number will not be valid.

how to login facebook

First of all open Facebook in which browser or you can also use Facebook application. And in that enter your login credentials i.e. your mobile number and password and click on login button. Remember, you must already have an account on Facebook, only then you will be able to log in.

how to lock facebook profile

  1. Whether you use the app or browser, the process of both is almost the same. So after opening Facebook, click on your profile picture. You will reach your timeline.Click on your DP
  2. Here you will get the option of three dots, click on it
  3. Click on Lock ProfileClick on lock profile by clicking on three dot
  4. Now here you will be told how profile locking protects your account. Click on “Lock your profile”Click on lock profile to confirm
  5. your facebook profile is locked click on okClick on ok

Although you have locked your Facebook profile picture. But if you just want to do it for a short time, you absolutely can.

Because you can lock your profile whenever you want. And you can also unlock your profile whenever you want and the unlocking process is also the same.

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how to see your facebook posts

Many people are not able to see their posted posts. If you also can’t see your Facebook posts, then there is nothing to worry. You can see your post very easily and that too in just one click.

And not just any one post but you can see all your Facebook posts. Can share them, change their privacy. You can even delete your Facebook posts.

  1. first open facebook
  2. Click on your Facebook profile picture
  3. You will reach your Facebook timeline

Scroll through the page to access your Facebook timeline. All your posts will be visible. Like texts, photos, videos, whatever you have shared on your Facebook timeline.

Your posts can be accompanied by posts of your friends because maybe. That your friends have tagged you, shared on the timeline.

So if your frineds might have tagged you a lot, then you may have problems reaching your posts. Because you may have to scroll the page a lot.

If you want to see all your photos together. And want that you do not have to scroll the page too much. So after accessing your Facebook timeline, click on “Photos”.

By clicking on the photos, you can see the photos of all your Facebook posts very easily.

From this article you learned how to create a new Facebook ID. We hope this information will prove useful to you. 

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