How to create Twitter account

Twitter is also a social media site like Facebook. And also very popular, although not everyone has an account on Twitter like Facebook. How to create Twitter account, You can use any social media in your own way. You just have to follow their policies. How to create Twitter account, If you are a blogger, then you must create your own Twitter account. I have already told in my second article. That’s how helpful social media sites prove to be for bloggers. How to create account on twitter.

Just like you post on Facebook, you can also do it on Twitter. Which is called tweet on Twitter. But it has some limits. That is, you can type only 280 characters in a tweet.

how to create account on twitter

  1. Open Twitter and click on the Sign up button
  2. Enter your name and mobile number and click on next button
  3. Enter a password for your Twitter account and click on the Next button
  4. Enter a password and click on next button
  5. Select a picture and upload it by clicking on the Camera icon
  6. Next enter your bio
  7. Click on “Not Now”
  8. Select your languages ​​and click on Next
  9. Select your interests and click on next button
  10. If you want to follow someone then click on next
  11. Allow/Skip for Notification
Finally your Twitter account is ready. Now you can tweet on Twitter too. You can share your blog posts, I hope you will not have any problem in creating your Twitter account.

And if you are a blogger then you must definitely add username according to your blog in your Twitter account. And also you should add the URL of your blog to your Twitter account.

how to use twitter

When your Twitter account is closed and ready, then you can post on Twitter. For which you can write your tweet by simply clicking on the pen button on the home page on Twitter. And if you want to include the profile of any person, you can include it with @. And if you want to include any content, you can include it with #.


  1. Click on the pen button on the Twitter home page
  2. write your tweet
  3. Click on Tweet button

However, you can tweet as many as you want. But a tweet can contain a maximum of 280 characters. And if you want to include any photo or video etc. in that tweet. So just select that file from your storage by clicking on attach file and tweet.

responding to others’ tweets

When you are on the Twitter home page, you will see the content of different profiles. In which most of the contacts will be included from the profiles you follow. If you want to comment on any tweet from us, then you can tweet by clicking on the comment icon of that tweet. If you want to like his video, then you can like him by clicking on his heart icon. And if you want, you can also share that tweet on your profile. All you have to do is click on the share button, and you’ll be able to share on your Twitter timeline.

message me

If you want to direct message to a Twitter user, then you can do it through the option of not just a Twitter message.

  1. Click on the message button on the Twitter home page
  2. Search by typing the name of the person you want to message
  3. Click on his profile, type the message and send

Similarly, you can use other features of Twitter. Such as following someone on Twitter or blocking someone. Or report someone or mention someone in your tweet, or include a trending topic with a hashtag. Manage your profile such as changing your name, changing your username. Or change your mobile number and email. You can even change the color of your Twitter account.

When tweeting on a Twitter account, remember that your tweet is publicly available. That is, anyone can see your tweet. You can comment on it, you can react on it. But if you want to limit your Twitter account l. So for this you have to go to your Twitter account, and adjust the privacy.

In this article you learned how to create an account on Twitter. We hope that this information will prove useful to you.