How to create wordpress website

If you have any business and you want to grow it more, then it is very important for your business to be online. Because it gives you chances to get more customers. And even if you do not have a business, you can earn money online by creating a website. So if you want to make a simple blog. And if you are completely new then you can start with a blog. Which you can create for free, and later if you want, you can also create a WordPress blog. But if you want to create a website for any of your business, then you have to create a direct WordPress website. Because you can customize the WordPress website to a great extent. How to make wordpress website.

And the advantage of building a WordPress website is that you get a lot of themes and WordPress plugins. And with the help of WordPress plugin, you can include many features in your website.

how to create wordpress website

There are 2 ways to build a WordPress website, one of which is to launch your website on And another way is to buy hosting from a hosting provider company and install WordPress on it. And most of the people like to buy hosting and install WordPress on it. Because in this case your website works completely on your domain only.

For example, if you have created your WordPress website,, which is on So you will operate your website from That is, you will get its dashboard on But if you install on any hosting on the world then your wordpress dashboard will run on your domain name only. That is, you will be able to control from the admin area. Whose default admin login URL is wp-admin.

Regardless of the method you want to use to create a WordPress website, but in both ways you will need to buy a domain name and hosting. And if you use the free plan of WordPress, then you will get very limited features in it.

buy domain name

The domain name is the most important thing for any website and the name of the website is in it. It happens so that people know him as if everyone uses google facebook amazon etc then its domain is in it. And Facebook’s Amazon’s In the same way, the domain name of any word can be registered. The only condition is that no one has already registered that domain name. Even you can buy the domain name of your name or the name of your village, your city, your country, etc.

Here are some of the top websites from which you can buy a domain name. And also some hosting companies include free domain names in their hosting plans. Due to which they are able to attract more customers and their offers keep coming from time to time.

  • Godaddy
  • Hostinger
  • Namecheap
  • Bluehost
  • Hostgator

buy hosting

Now you have to buy hosting for your website, which you need to pay a lot of attention while buying. Because if you can buy a perfect hosting, it is much better for you. Otherwise you may buy a weak hosting and more expensive hosting, then this problem can also become for you.

Hosting companies divide their hosts into several types. So that any person can buy hosting of their choice. Which mainly includes shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and cloud hosting is best for an average blogger. Because it gives much better performance than all other types of hosting. And out of the above mentioned hosting, you can start your website with shared hosting or cloud hosting. We would not recommend VPS hosting and dedicated hosting at all.

In the beginning, if you want, you can buy shared hosting, which you will get at very cheap prices. And later you can move your website from shared hosting to cloud hosting. And for this we will suggest you Because hosting provides posting and domain at very cheap prices. And if you can meet me, move it to cloud hosting anytime in future with just one click. And you can move from cloud hosting to shared hosting anytime. For this you will not need any technical knowledge, because hostinger gives inbuilt feature in its hosting panel. Which can also migrate, upgrade and downgrade any website very easily.

complete dns connection

All types of hosting have their own name servers, and those name servers need to be set up on their own domain. Go to your hosting final and check your hosting name server in server details. And its number can be from 2 to 4, save your hosting’s name server by putting it in your domain.

When you enter your hosting’s name server in your domain, the DNS propagation process will start. Which takes a minimum of 4 hours, and up to 24 hours for complete DNAse propagation. However in some countries your domain name may start pointing to your hosting even before 4 hours. In some countries your domain name can start pointing your hosting in half to 1 hour as well. You can also use PM to check this, and try setting another country.

install wordpress on hosting

Now you have to install WordPress in your hosting which has two ways. Out of which the first method is automatic installation, and the second is manual installation. And we would suggest automatic installation as it is very easy process.

  1. Go to your hosting panel
  2. Scroll the page and click on auto installer/Softaculous installer
  3. Enter the information for your WordPress website. Fill all the information like website title description, enter a strong password, etc. Click on Install
  4. continue

WordPress will be installed on your hosting and if your DNS propagation is completed. So you can open your domain name and see.

go to wordpress admin panel

When your WordPress website is ready, you will need to go to your dashboard to control it. Which will be on your domain name. Let’s assume that you bought the domain name. And you have installed WordPress in hosting by connecting it to your hosting. So follow this procedure to get into your WordPress admin dashboard.

  1. Enter wp-admin with your domain name, such as
  2. Enter the username and password of your WordPress installation and click on Login

The username and password will remain the same as the one you entered while installing WordPress. And if you did not note down the username and password of your installation somewhere. So no matter when you install WordPress, the login credentials are automatically sent to your email. You check your email, you will get your username and password in it, login by entering it.

change theme

When a new WordPress website is launched, everything is on by default. In which World Press publishes a post of automatic, in which Hello World is written. And the default theme provided by WordPress is also set in it. Which you will find twenty twenty to see the theme of the default version in the installation of WordPress. Which is very native, you have to change it.

  1. Click on Apperance in the left sidebar, click on Theme, click on Add New
  2. Here you will see many scenes and if you want, you can also search by entering the name of a team.
  3. Click on Install then click on Activate

If you want, you can try different themes of WordPress. Due to which your WordPress website will get a different look, and if you want to change the style of the existing theme of your website. If you want to change its color etc., then click on appearance and click on customize. From here you can customize your WordPress website’s logo, icon, background, color, link color, heading size, phone size, etc.

install plugin

When you install a WordPress website, you will not get any extra features in that WordPress website. Rather, you have to install the plugin in your WordPress blog according to your need. And if the total number of WordPress is more than 50000, then you might be wondering to what extent you can customize your WordPress website. Make sure you know how you want your WordPress website to look.

  1. Click on Placing in the left side menu and click on Add New
  2. Search and click on Install and click on Activate
  3. Now you can adjust the setting by going to the settings of that plugin.

Note: This article is a premise on how to build a WordPress website, or if a person wants to start their own WordPress website. So what may have to be done from the beginning to the end, and in how many steps the website becomes ready. And no step process has been mentioned in this article because it depends on it. Which company’s hosting and domain name would you like to use? Because the features of all hosting / domain companies are different.

We hope you learned in this article how to create a WordPress website. This information will prove useful to you.