How to delete browser history

If you do web browsing then you must be using a web browser. Because there is a special application for some particular service. But if you want to search for anything other than that specific usage, you have to use a browser for that. Because on the browser you have complete freedom, that you can use anything by visiting different websites. So in such a situation, the option of history is present in almost all browsers. Which keep the history of your internet browsing. So that if you want to come to a previous page, then you can access that page by going to your history. Or if no other person has used your phone. and did some search using your browser, So you can easily check by going to your browser’s history. What did that person search on your phone? How to delete browser history.

So if you want the history of the page you searched to be deleted. So you can delete very easily. And there is a similar process for almost all browsers, and for this we will take the example of Google Chrome browser. Because Google Chrome browser is the only browser that is most used in the world. Surely you must also be using Google Chrome browser. So just by following this procedure you can delete your browser history.

how to delete browser history

  1. Go to your browser and click on the three dotClick on three dot
  2. Click on History Click on the cross mark of the history you want to deleteĀ 
  3. Click on clear browsing data to delete all history at onceClick on history
  4. Mark browsing history by selecting Time rangeIck on clear browsing data
  5. Click on Clear dataSelect time range

When clicking on 3dot in your Google Chrome browser will go to history. So there you might see a lot of history. And it depends on how much you use that browser. And how many times do you delete history? Because when you start using the browser, whenever you search anything in it, the history of each of your searches is created. And in the history of your browser there will be a cross mark on each history. Clicking on it will delete the only history, that is, if only one history is to be deleted, then click on the cross mark of each history. Which you want to delete, but if you have a lot of history in your browser. So you cannot delete all those history one by one. For which you have to delete all your history at once.

For which the time range has to be selected by clicking on clear browsing data. By which it will be decided that how long you want to delete the history of the past. In which you will get the option of last 1 hour, or 24 hours or 1 week or month etc. And if you want to delete all history, you can choose all time. After that when you click on clear data. So only the history of that specific time range that you selected in the time range is deleted.

And if you are a computer user then almost the same process will be there for him as well.

  1. Press Ctrl + h or click on the three dot on the right side and click on History
  2. Click on Browsing history and select the time range
  3. Press Enter or click on clear data

And if you do not use Google Chrome browser and use any other. So for that also the process will be almost the same, just you have to see this in your browser. Where is the history option of that browser present. And by going to its history, if you want, you can see the history one by one. And if you want, you can delete all the history at once. And if you are using someone else’s phone. If you have used anything in it, then we suggest that you delete only those history one by one. what you searched for.

Let us take the example of another browser. Which is the second most used browser in the world, named Mozilla Firefox.

How to Delete Mozilla Firefox Browser History

  1. open your firefox browser
  2. Right-click on the three dot in the footer and click on History
  3. Click on the cross mark of the history you want to delete
  4. If you want to delete all the history, then click on delete in the right-upper side of history.
  5. Select Everything and click delete

The entire history of your Mozilla Firefox browser will be deleted. Similarly, in different browsers, you will get the option of History. You go to its settings and select the history time range and delete the history. And it is not necessary that all browsers have the option of history. If you are using any such browser. In which the option of history is not present, then you need to worry about history at all.

In this article you learned how to delete browser history. We hope this information will prove useful to you.