How to do call Recording in Android

If you have very sensitive or any such things on the phone that need to be recorded by you, then call recording will prove to be very beneficial for you. How to do call recording, Because when we turn on call recording in our phone, then when we make a call, that conversation gets automatically recorded on our phone during that time. Which we can use in future for our defense or to prove the truth, or if you want to know in someone’s phone, that he does not talk to anyone. What else doesn’t matter, the call recording feature will be of great benefit to you. How to do call recording?

How to do call recording

Auto call recording offers two options, one is automatic and the other is on. Recording manually and both different conditions remain perfect in it. For example, suppose if you want that whenever you make a call, your call will always be recorded, then automatic recording will be better for you. Because no matter where you are talking, whether you talk for a few seconds or minutes or hours, automatic recording will happen. But if you want to do call recording manually then only those calls will be recorded. The call during which you will turn on the recording and it may be that there is no important call record. Because recording always does not even come to mind while calling.

How to do automatic call recording

  1. First click on the dialer of your phone, and click on the three dots on the top right side
  2. click on call settings
  3. Click on Record setting and click on Record all calls automatically

Now you don’t have to do anything, your call recording is on. Now whenever you call someone, all your calls will be recorded. And call recording will happen as long as you keep on talking, but if your phone’s storage is full then call recording will not happen. Therefore, pay attention to the storage of your phone as well, and if the storage is full then empty it so that call recording can be done.

How to do call recording manually

  1. First you call the person with whom you want to record a call
  2.  After dialing you get many options out of which you have to click on record. and your call recording will be on

But you also have to keep in mind that if you do call recording in this way. So only one call is recorded. In which you turn on the recording, and this setting is automatically canceled after the call is disconnected, and if you call it again. and want  If there is recording, then you have to click on the record button again only then the call recording will start.

How to make call recording of a specific number

If you do not want to turn on call recording for all mobile numbers, then there is also an option to turn on call recording only for some particular mobile numbers. And by doing this call will be recorded only if you talk on your particular mobile number. There will be no call recording on other mobile numbers.

  1. First go to your phone’s dialer
  2. Click on call setting by clicking on three dots on the right side
  3. Click on record setting and click on “record custom call automatically”
  4. Click Custom Click +
  5. In this you have to select the mobile number for which you want to turn on call recording.
  6. Select the mobile number and click on done

Call recording is now enabled for all the mobile numbers you have selected. Now if a call comes from any of those numbers, you call that number then its call recording will be done automatically. And if you ever want to stop automatic call recording for any of those numbers in the future. So all you have to do is go to the same setting and remove the number from there. And if you want to stop completely, just disable call recording.

How to do call recording through app

But if you are having trouble setting up call recording, you can use an application for that. Which will very easily call auto call recording in your phone. And this is the biggest advantage of using Auto Call Recorder application. That you will find all the recording files of everyone in one place, and you can manage them easily from there. However, we would not suggest using any external application. Because if your phone already has the option of call recording, then you do not need to use any application for this. Because when you use the app, you get to see a lot of advertisements. Whereas if you turn on call recording using the settings of the phone, then you will not need to see any kind of advertisements.

automatic call recorder

  1. First go to and install this application on your phone.
  2. Auto Call Recorder will ask for permission from the application, in which all the permissions have to be allowed. Allow all the permissions one by one.

This application turns on the call recording of your phone by default. If you want to do it, then click on the three dot of your automatic call recorder application. And click on Settings, Record calls setting is on. But you can also turn it off if you want.

And all the call recordings will be done through this application. All call recording you will find on home page when you open this application. If you want, you can listen to it, share it anywhere and delete it wherever you want.

Where is call recording saved?

All types of media files are saved in the phone’s file manager, and various applications collect files from the file manager itself, such as the gallery. Collects all video and photo files, similarly call recordings are stored in the phone’s record file. Which can be accessed by the recording app and by the music player app. Or if you want, you can go directly to your file manager, play that recording, and share it.

How to View Call Recording

If you have recorded a call, you can check your call recordings in several ways. Out of which checking call recording by going to direct file manager and checking in MP3 player checking in recorder app. But this setting may be different in all phones.

  • First go to the file manager of your phone
  • go to internal storage
  • Scroll down the page and open the record file
  • On opening the record file, you will get the normal recording. Which you would normally have recorded using recorder app and in this you will get another file.
  • call or call recording click on it
  • All your call recordings will appear, click on any call recording you want to play, your recording will be played.

And if you want to share that call recording anywhere, then click and hold on that recording. And share it wherever you want by clicking on share.

how to do call recording without app

There is no need of any app for call recording in Android phone. Because the option of call recording is already present in all phones. And in the Android phone too, the recording of the same way is already present. All you have to do is go to your phone’s call setting and turn on call recording. Or you can also do it manually if you want. Which is very handy when you are calling then at that time you get the record sometimes. Clicking on it just starts call recording.

What are the benefits of turning on Automatic call recording

  • Many times we have to face calls like spamming, and at that time we forget to make call recording. But if automatic call recording is on, then all the discussions of Sara get recorded, which is a proof with us.
  • If someone makes any kind of threat to you over the call, or tries to blackmail you in any other way, you will have a record of that too.
  • If someone else takes your phone. And calls from your phone, then where and with whom he talked, you will get information about it.
  • If someone calls from your phone in your absence, then you will have a record of that too.

Duplicate Call Recording

If you have made any such call recording, which is very important for you, then you must make a duplicate copy of that call recording. So let’s quickly assume that unfortunately there is a fault in your phone. Even then save that call recording with you, in this case you can use cloud storage or Gmail or any other phone. Or if you have a pen drive or memory card, you can use it.

In this article you learned how to do call recording. We hope this information will prove useful for you.