How to download google playstore

By the way, Google Play Store is already installed in all Androids. Using which you can download apps according to your need in your phone. But in the early decades of Android, the Google Play Store was not pre-downloaded in Android phones. If you also have a phone that does not have the Google Play Store already installed, you can download and install it online. And you can download apps on your phone. How to download playstore.

If you are using Android operating system, then only you will be able to install in your device. Because only Android apps are available on Google Play Store.

how to download google playstore

  1. First go to Download Now and click on Download
  2. Play Store will start downloading automatically within 5 seconds, if it does not start then click on click here
  3. click download

how to download google playstore in mobile

If you have downloaded google play store download by following above procedure. So its apk file has to be found, and installed in your phone.

  1. Go to your phone’s file manager
  2. Click on Apk as many android apk’s you have downloaded. Its list will appear, one of which will also be Google Play Store, click on it, and click on install
  3. Now you will be asked for permission to install unknown source, enable it and come back and click on install

In just a few seconds Google Play Store will be installed on your phone. And you will be able to install apps on your phone using it.

how to download playstore in laptop

You cannot directly install Google Play Store on your computer. Because Google Play Store is for the Android operating system, whereas Windows or any operating system remains on your computer. But for this you can use Android Emulator. Like you will be able to download and install Google Play Store very easily on your computer or laptop. And just like your mobile, you will be able to manage the system in your laptop too.

  1. First of all, go to your computer and search for Bluestacks in Google Chrome, and download and install it.
  2. Open Bluestacks and click on Play Store
  3. Now you will be asked to sign enter your gmail account and sign in
  4. After signing in, Google Play Store will open, and there you will see all the apps. Which you see in the play store of your mobile, and you will be able to install them on your computer

Note: If you install any Android emulator in your laptop, and install the apps through Google Play Store through it. So that app is not installed on your laptop. Rather it is installed in that Android emulator. That is, it is loaded on your computer. Your Android emulator also takes all the load. Because all the apps are installed in it, and the apps are also managed by the Android emulator itself. Because of which your laptop may respond a little slow.

If you want to download and install Google Play Store on your laptop, we recommend that you use a laptop with at least 4GB RAM. Because after installing Bluestacks in 2GB RAM laptop, when you install the app, you will get very poor performance.

 how to download playstore in jio mobile

You can download in play store in jio mobile. Because the operating system of Jio Mobile is different from Android. Whereas Google Play Store can be installed only in Android devices. Yes but you will get Jio Store in Jio Mobile. With which you will be able to install applications like WhatsApp, YouTube, etc.

how to update google play store

Of course, you will not need to install the Google Play Store application on your phone. Because Google Play Store application is already installed in everyone’s phone. But if your phone’s Google Play Store is not updated, then you should update your Play Store. So that you can get new features and new security of Google Play Store. And you will not be able to update Google Play Store by searching Google Play Store, like you update other applications. Rather, you will find its option in the settings of the Google Play Store application itself.

  1. Go to Google Play Store and click on your profile picture
  2. Click on Settings and click on About
  3. Click on Play Store Version

You will get a message if your Google Play Store is updated. That your Play Store is updated, but if your Google Play Store is not updated, the Play Store update will start. And after the complete download of the Play Store file, it will be installed automatically. And after installation you will be able to see the new look of your play store.

From this article you learned how to download playstore. We hope this information will prove useful to you.