How to speed up my computer, How to increase my computer Speed

There can be many reasons for slow computer speed and if your computer is also very slow to respond. How to increase my computer Speed,  So you must think about these methods because maybe you too are making some such mistakes. Because of which your computer is listening and responding, and if your computer’s RAM is 2GB or less, then you may have a lot of slow computer speed problems, Because the computer needs at least 4GB of RAM to run smoothly. Therefore, if your computer’s performance is very low, then you can also consider upgrading your computer or your computer’s RAM. Due to which you will get a better performance. How to increase computer speed.

How to increase computer speed

1. Keep your computer software updated with the latest version

Always keep your computer software up to date as computer software is made better in all updates. Lots of bugs are fixed and new features are added. If you are using an outdated version, we suggest keeping your computer software up to date.

2. Uninstall unnecessary software

The biggest reason for slow computer speed can also be the installed software in your computer. Because the more software you have on your computer. The more the load on your computer, the less software you use if possible. And if you need more software then you can install but if you have such software installed in your computer. If you do not need, then uninstall them without delay. If you uninstall the unnecessary software of your computer, then you will see a lot of increase in the speed of your computer. Because normal media files like video, audio etc. do not have much effect on the computer. But the same software has a great impact on the speed of the computer. More number of software can slow down the speed of your computer.

3. Delete the Temporary File

Temporary files are such files which are created according to our usage. For example, if we use Google Chrome, then with each use a lot of temporary files are created which are created in the temporary folder of our computer. And you can boost your computer speed by deleting them.

  1. Press Windows + R and enter temp by typing and delete all files
  2. Press Windows + R and enter %temp% and delete all files
  3. Press Windows + R and enter Prefetch and delete all files

4. Clear the Recycle Bin

It often happens that we delete media files or software installer packs etc. from our computer. And this process goes on continuously because continuously we download different types of movies, videos etc. in our computer. And also keep on deleting and the deleted file keeps getting stored in the recycle bin. And if you don’t delete it from recycle bin then it can also overload your computer. Because the data of recycle bin is also stored in the memory of your computer. If you have too much data stored in your Recycle Bin. So delete it now and you will see an increase in your computer performance.

5. Use the least number of programs at a time

If your computer is running slow, your bad computer usage habits may be slowing down your computer further. Because the more computer programs we open and use at a time, the more load our computer gets, and if your computer is fast then you can use it. But if your computer runs very mind. So we recommend that you use at least one program at a time. In such a situation, you will get very good performance while using many programs will slow down the speed of your computer.

Does virus slow down computer speed?

Yes, due to virus, the speed of the computer may be very high, and even your computer may respond very slowly. And mainly the reason for virus coming in the computer is to download different types of software files. Because many software keep such programs included, which when installed, along with it, the virus is also installed in our computer. And we cannot uninstall virus like normal software, for this we may need antivirus. So consider before downloading any software or program about which you do not have much idea, or from which website you are downloading it. Also make sure that if you download software from a trusted website, there is nothing to fear, And virus can damage your computer in many ways. Slowing down the speed of your computer is a very normal task for any virus. Because a computer virus can even crash your computer and even lock your computer completely. After which you cannot do anything on your computer, perhaps you must have heard about it before, it is called ransomware. 

In this article you learned how to increase the speed of computer. We hope this information will be useful for you