How to make resume

Resume is an important document when you have to go for a job interview. Because your complete resume is present in the resume. So that it is easy for the interviewer to know about you. In such a situation, if you want, you can also make your own resume. For which you will not need to go to any shop at all. Because most of the people prepare resume using computer. But if you want, you can prepare a great resume from your mobile itself. How to make resume

And there are many websites and applications available to create a resume. Using which you can create any type of resume for yourself. But most of these websites and applications are such that they are very weak behind. So that you can not make a better resume. That’s why we will tell you about one such application and how to make a resume using it. So that you can prepare your resume very easily.

And the specialty of this application is that if you want to make your resume in this, then you have to save your personal details as a separate profile. And using it, you can see your resume in different templates. That is, once you save your details, you can see it in many different styles and types. Which will be in PDF file and if you want you can transfer it online anywhere. And if you want, you can also get it printed by going to a computer shop.

how to make resume

If you make your resume by yourself then it has some advantages, because not like this you can prepare your resume in any way you want. Whereas if you go to a shop to get a CV made, you will not get much options there. You will get your resume in the format just provided by the shopkeeper. And if you make your own resume, then you can also make it colorful.

how to make resume

  1. install this resume builder application Install resume builder
  2. Click on Create Click on create button
  3. Enter your details and click on view CV Full your details
  4. Click on the template in which style you want your CV Choose theme
  5. Select the color and click on Download Select colour and continue

Personal details

Name – Enter your full name in this column

Address – Enter your full address

E-mail – Enter your email address

Phone number – Enter your mobile number

Photo – If you want to show your photo in your CV. So click on the photo and select it from your photo gallery and set it. And you can also leave it blank if you want.

Save – Click on Save to save the profile

Apart from the above mentioned column if you want other column in your personal profile also. So just below that click on +Add, here you will get some options. Such as date of birth, marital status, nationality etc. Any column you want to include in your profile. Enable its button. That column will be included in your profile, now you can enter that detail.

But suppose if you want to put such a column in your personal profile. which is not present in that setting. So you can create it, for this, after clicking on +add, click on Create. And suppose you want to enter your city in your personal profile, then after clicking on Create, enter the city. And click on Create, and then that column will be added to your personal profile, enter your city name in that city column. Similarly, you can create any column for your personal profile. which you need.


Course/degree – What are your educational degrees? Enter any single degree or course in it.

School/University – Enter the name of the school or university in this column. from which you did that course.

Grade/Score – Enter your marks as to what percentage you scored

Year – Enter the year in which you did

In all these columns, you will have only one degree and all other information about it. Like if you put about 10th or 12th. And you want to mention more of your degree or course. So enter your other degree or course by clicking +add below to create more columns. And if you want to enter your educational qualification even more. So just keep clicking on +add continuously. And keep entering your information. And when you have entered all the information, then click on the save button.


Your experience matters a lot for any job, the more experience you have in that field, the better results you can get, that is, you are likely to get a better post and salary.

Company names – In this column, enter the name of the company in which you were working

Job title – Enter the name of the post you were working in

Start date – Enter the date when you joined that company

End date – Enter the date of your registration in that company

Details – If you want to tell something about your job. So you can put it, otherwise you can leave it blank if you want.

If you have more than one experience. So by clicking on +Add, you can enter all those experience details.


By the way, if you want, you can leave the skill as well. But if you have some skills then definitely add them. And if you want to enter more than one skill. So after entering a skill, click on +add. You will be able to enter more skills then click on save.


Objective is the same in almost everyone’s CV. If you want, you can write your own objective. And if you want you can use the earlier objective provided by this application. If you want to write objectively yourself, click in the text box and start typing. After that click on but if you want to do objective questions to be done by this application then click on select objective. And you will see some objective type which you like click on it and click on save.


If you have any job reference then you can put it. But if you are going direct to any company. So you don’t need any reference, you can leave it blank.

However, your CV is pretty much ready. But maybe you have to make some changes in the system provided by this resume builder application. So by following this process you can make changes.

Custom columns (Interest, Language, Mother, Father etc)

If you need any such field in your CV. Which is not present in the system of this application, then create column by this process.

  1. Go to the end of your profile settings page
  2. Click on +Add more section
  3. Some sections are inbuilt here if you want to enable it. Click on Create New section to create a new column
  4. Enter the title and click on Create

Now go to the Profile section and you will be able to see the column that you have created. He has come in the profile, now you can enter your information by clicking on it.

Heading arrangement

In this application all the headings are arranged automatically so that when you create any CV. So in that all the gating appear in the same order as they are present in this application. But if you want to move a heading up or down. Or if you want to change the name of the setting, then follow this procedure.

  1. Go to your resume builder application profile and click on Rearrange / Edit headings at the very last
  2. Hold and drag the heading you want to move up or down
  3. Or if you want to change the name of a heading, then change the name by clicking on edit of that heading and click on save.

Colour designs, Font style & Size

When you are ready by entering all your information in your CV profile, then after clicking on view cv, choose any of your favorite template. After that a preview of your CV will appear, and if it is OK, you will see a lot of colors. If you want, you can choose any of those colors for the color of your CV. Just below that you will get the option of text size, heading size, line space, font style etc. If you want, you can customize all these parts of your CV as per your wish.

Surely after this information, you will not need to do this search. That you have got complete information in this article. Any how it is created, and you can customize any text you want. In this you get a lot of templates, the number of which is more than 40. That is, you can print your CV in more than 40 styles, and Malin ji if you are making your CV using this application. And you have completed half the task. And suddenly your phone got turned off or whatever will happen, because of which you stopped making CV, then when you open your phone again and open that application, then you can edit your CV from there. As much as you edited earlier, and not only this, but if your CV is ready once it is made and you get it printed too, So even after that you can make changes in your CV through this application. And you can get it printed again, you will not have to start afresh if you want to change your CV again and again or any number of times. Rather, you have to make some changes in your old CV itself, which you want.

And when you have prepared your CV using this application, then you can go to any shop to print it and get it printed. And if you want to send your resume directly to someone. So send the PDF of your resume to that person.

In this article you learned how to create a resume. We hope this information will prove useful to you.