How to send email

Now email is being used in place of letter almost everywhere. Because the email reaches the sent address immediately, and while the letter also takes 1 week to 1 month to reach. But in today’s time, you can send any information just like a letter, anywhere in just a few seconds, how to send an email.

how to send email

One is very easy to send email. But if you are not able to send, then this article will tell you how to send email. Here we will give you information about sending email from the phone’s browser, sending email from the app and sending email from computer. You can do it to whomever you want to send the email.

Recipient’s Email Address

If you are emailing someone, then you should know their email address. On which you want to send your email, if you have done a little wrong in the email address, then your sent email will reach the wrong address. Or it may be that your email does not go anywhere. So because of this, the email address of the person to whom you are emailing should be absolutely correct.

Many times it has also been seen that the email you have done. There are very important things in it, and by entering the wrong email address, some scam happens with you. So because of this, while sending the email, to whom you are sending the email, enter their email address carefully.

how to send email

You can send not only text but also images, videos, voice and other files through email. And the best thing is that it is very safe to send something to someone through email.

You can send any email only if you have an email account. Because email is sent through email only, that is, you must have an email account of your own. And you must have the email address of the person to whom you want to send the email.

 how to send email from mobile

First of all open your phone’s browser, (chrome, firfox etc) whatever is installed in your phone. We hope you are logged in to your email in your browser. If you are not logged in to your email, you will need to log in as well.

  1. Open in your browser, enter your email address and your email password, and log in
  2. Click on Pen buttonpen button par clickEmail likhkar send button par click
  3. In the To box, enter the email address to which you want to send the email.
  4. Enter the subject, that is, about what you are sending the email, it can also be called a title in a way.
  5. In the box just below the subject, type your message. And if want to include any file like video/photo/pdf etc. So click on attach button, and select that file from your device
  6. Click on send button, your message will reach that email

How to send email from Gmail app

You must have created your email account, and if you use android phone. So the email / gmail app will already be installed in your phone. And now first of all you select any one app, which you want to use to send email. Let us select the gmail app. And now first of all you have to log in with your email account in gmail app.

  1. Open the Email/Gmail app and click + add an email address
  2. Click on google and click on next and enter the screen lock pin / pattern added to your phone
  3. Enter your gmail address, click next, and then enter your gmail account password, and click accept
  4. Click on “take me to gmail” and finally click on sync.Click on edit button
  5. Click on the pen button on the homepage of the Gmail app
  6. In “to” enter the email address to which the mail is to be sent
  7. Enter Subject ( title )
  8. Type your message in compose email
  9. If you want to add any file (videos, images etc) then click on attach button. And select your file by clicking on attach file
  10. Finally click on send button, your mail will reach that email

 How to send email from computer

  1. Open installed browser chrome/firefox etc in your computer/laptop and open
  2. Log in by entering your gmail address and password
  3. Click on compose (Send) button
  4. In to enter the email address of the person you want to mail
  5. Write the subject (title) of your mail and write your message in the box below
  6. You can also add videos, photos etc by clicking on the Attach button. Click on send button to send to that email
  7. Type your message in the box below it
  8. Click on Send button. and your mail will reach that emailClick on send by writing email

In this way, you can send as many emails and on which email you want to send. And if your mail has gone to it, then it will show in the sent label of your email. And suppose that if for some reason your mail does not reach that email. So that mail will be shown in the outbox label of your email.

If you want to keep any of your documents on your email, you can keep it. All its process is same as we have told above. And you have to follow exactly the same steps to save the document on your email.

So first you follow the email sending process, and finally you have to make a change.

Like when you write the subject while sending the email, write your messege, attach the file. Do everything exactly the same way.

And you enter the email of the person to whom the mail has to be sent. But here instead of someone else’s email address in “to”, put the address of your own email, and send it. Now that sent mail will be saved on your own email account. You can access it anywhere and anytime.

How to Write a Professional Email

If you write an email to someone for any official work. Or you write an email to an officer. So you should keep some important things in mind while writing the email, such as the beginning of the email, and whatever you have written in the email should be in the sort. And there should be clarity in it, and the word written in the last should also be written correctly. So let us tell you some ways to write a professional email.

  • While writing an email, you should take special care of the subject. Because when you write an email to someone, first of all your subject is displayed in the email. That’s why your subject should be absolutely clear, so that the person reading it does not get confused.
  • At the beginning of writing the email, write the most important thing so that the reader of the email does not get bored in the beginning.
  • Try that your email should contain at least words and there should be clarity in it, so that your point can be understood more correctly in less time.
  • Highlight the important point in the email so that the attention of the reader of the email must go to it.
  • Use images for more clarity
  • Before starting writing email, please use Dear Sir or any Respected word.
  • After the email is completed, you must write Thanks & Regards, and your name.

how email is received

There is no process to receive the e-mail, rather the email is received automatically. All you have to do is login to your email account. And you will be able to see all the emails that someone has sent to your e-mail.

why we send email

There is no single main reason for sending an email, but different people have different needs. Email is mainly used for business purpose. For example, if a common person wants to contact another common person, then he can contact directly. Or can talk on the phone, but it is difficult to get direct contact with a company or professional. In this case, mostly email is used.

In this article you learned how to send email. We hope this information will prove useful to you.