How to set fingerprint lock on android phone

There are many lock options available in all Android mobiles. Out of which fingerprint lock is the most used at the moment, and it is also very fast, because for this we do not even have to turn on the screen of our mobile. Just touch the fingerprint sensor, and our mobile is unlocked. Fingerprints function to lock and unlock the mobile screen as well as anywhere else. For example, using fingerprint in app lock, WhatsApp, fingerprint is also used in the phone to see notifications. How to set fingerprint in phone.

If you also want to use fingerprint lock screen in your phone, then you can. But the condition of using fingerprint screen lock is this. That you have to use fingerprint lock as well as any other security, such as PIN, pattern or password.

how to set fingerprint lock in phone

  1. Go to your phone’s settings and go to fingerprint, face and password
  2. Click on Fingerprint, enter your existing password, pattern or PIN which you have set
  3. Enter your existing password after clicking on Fingerprint
  4.  Click on Add fingerprint
  5. Now touch your finger on the fingerprint sensor of your phone, you have to touch your finger on your fingerprint sensor many times, so that the fingerprint of your mobile will scan your finger completely
  6. Click OK, and again move the finger to the fingerprint sensor, continuing to touch the fingerprint sensor with your finger

After the fingerprint scanning is complete, your fingerprint will be added to your phone. Enable the unlock button in the fingerprint settings, which will activate the fingerprint screen lock

how to change fingerprint lock screen

If you add a fingerprint to your phone, you cannot change the same fingerprint. Rather, for this you have to delete that fingerprint from your phone. From which you want to change your fingerprint, and you have to add a new fingerprint. And how the fingerprint is added, the process has been explained above, l. And the process to delete fingerprint is explained below.

how to change fingerprint lock screen

  1. Go to the phone’s settings, go to the fingerprint setting, and enter your pattern or password whatever you have set
  2. How many fingerprints have been added to your phone. All will be visible and click on any fingerprint you want to delete from your phone
  3. Click on Delete fingerprint and click on OK
  4. This fingerprint on your phone will be deleted, and if you want to add another fingerprint to your phone. Then scan your finger by clicking on add fingerprint

I have forgotten my phone fingerprint, how to reset fingerprint

You can reset your mobile fingerprint. But there are some conditions for that, and if you do not meet those conditions, then you will not be able to reset your mobile fingerprint.

We have already told you that if you set fingerprint in your phone, then you will also get a pattern in your phone. You will have to enter the PIN or Password, and if you remember your phone’s pattern pen or whatever you entered the password. So you can reset your fingerprint. All you have to do is unlock your phone with your password, and go to the fingerprint settings and delete your fingerprint. And by clicking on add new fingerpeint, add a new fingerprint. But if you have forgotten the password, neither you will be able to reset the password nor you fingerprint.

However, if you do not know your password, but your fingerprint is working. So you can unlock your phone through your fingerprint. But you will not be able to reset your fingerprint, because when you want to go to the fingerprint settings, you will also have to enter your password. And if you have forgotten your password, you will not be able to reset your fingerprint. Nor will you be able to reset your password, and after that you have only one option left. Which is to hard reset the mobile, and by this process your phone’s password, fingerprint, everything will be deleted. And at the same time all the data on your phone will also be deleted.

Can the screen be locked with fingerprint

Yes, you can lock your phone screen with fingerprint and you can also unlock it. But for this it is necessary to have a fingerprint sensor in your mobile, because if your phone does not have a fingerprint sensor. So you will not be able to set fingerprint lock in your phone. Because when your phone does not have compatible hardware then no application will work. So only those people can lock their phone screen with fingerprint. Whose phone has a fingerprint sensor, and all the new phones launched at this time have fingerprints.

how to set fingerprint lock on any android phone

You cannot set the fingerprint lock screen on all Android phones, as not all Android phones have fingerprints. However, if we talk about the new phones coming at this time, then fingerprints are present in almost all the phones. But before this many such Android phones have come. In which fingerprint was not present, then if fingerprint sensor is not given in your phone. So you can’t apply fingerprint lock even if you want.

But you haven’t called yet, and you’re fingerprinted. So keep this in mind while buying the phone. That whichever phone you buy has a fingerprint sensor, only then you will be able to use the fingerprint lock.

How to set a second fingerprint

If you want to add someone else’s fingerprint in your phone other than your fingerprint, then the process is also very easy. All you have to do is go to the SIM settings of your phone, as mentioned above. As if you had added your fingerprint and there you will get the option of Add Fingerprint. You can add fingerprint of anyone else by clicking on it

Why is my fingerprint not working well

Many times finger test is taken while adding fingerprint in Android mobile. So that fingerprint scanning does not fail. But if it ever happens that your mobile is locked, and you want to unlock your phone through fingerprint. But if your fingerprint is not working, then this could be some of the main reasons.

  • First of all check your fingerprint sensor. It may have been covered with dust, soil or water. Because this is the main reason why fingerprint sensor does not work
  • Your finger may be damaged, or you may have water or dust on your finger
  • Or maybe you have added all your different fingers at once while adding fingerprint. And there has not been much verification of any one finger. And the way we have told you above is that you have to scan at most one of your fingers through the fingerprint of your phone.
  • But if your fingerprint still doesn’t work after the above solutions, then there may be a hardware problem, l. For this, you can get your phone made by visiting any nearest mobile shop. maybe they can solve your problem

Sometimes fingerprint locks the screen and sometimes doesn’t

This is a very common problem, for this you have to pay attention to some things. After that your fingerprint will always work.

  • When adding a fingerprint, note that only one finger is scanned on your fingerprint sensor. And fingerprint scanning takes place in two rounds, use the same finger in both rounds.
  • If the issue still doesn’t go away, click Add fingerprint again after you’ve added a fingerprint. And scan your same finger again. Because if you scan your one fingerprint multiple times, your fingerprint will work very fast. Because as soon as your finger touches your mobile’s fingerprint sensor from any side, your mobile will read your finger immediately.

In this article you learned how to set fingerprint lock on the phone. We hope this information will prove useful to you.