How to set ringtone on incoming call

By the way, nowadays everyone wants to put some different ringtone in their phone apart from the default ringtone. How to set ringtone on phone, If you also want this, then there are many ways through which you can set ringtone on your phone. Whether it is a simple ringtone, or any music that you want to tune in your phone. How to set ringtone in phone.

how to change phone ringtone

You can put all the ringtones present in the phone in your phone. Whether it is the default ringtone already present in your phone, or the same process is there to set both types of ringtones of a song. Which we do by going to the setting of the phone. If you want to set the ringtone of the song, then you can set it by going to the media file in your phone and selecting that music and clicking on set as call ringtone. But in some phones this system is not given.

So in that condition if you want to set ringtone in your phone, then for that you have to do it from phone setting itself. It is very easy to set ringtone from the setting of the phone. You have to do it in your phone as per the instructions given by us. And your ringtone will be set in your phone. You can do it in any phone you have, because the process of setting ringtone is the same in all phones.

How to set internal tone ringtone

  1. go to phone settings
  2. Click on Sound & Vibration
  3. In which sim you want to set
  4. Select Internal ringtone if you want. If you want, you can select the song from your phone by clicking on select from files inside the sim ringtone. 

The song you selected will be set as your ringtone.

How to set ringtone in phone from app

If you don’t like the ringtone on your phone by default. Or the ringtone is not being set correctly from the phone setting. So you can also set ringtone on your phone through the app. By the way, nowadays people are applying ringtone a lot through the app too. You can do this absolutely free, there is no charge to ringtone from the app. For this you will find many apps on google and playstore. Using which you can set the ringtone of your phone. You must have this appilcation in your phone, only then you will be able to set ringtone in the phone through this. If you face any problem in setting ringtone from app. Or if you are not able to set, then by understanding the instructions given below, you can put ringtone in your phone.

  1. Install set mp3 as ringtone app in playstore and open the app
  2. All the mp3 music that is inside the file will be visible, the music you want to set as ringtone
  3. Click on the three dots in front of that music and click on share
  4. and click on ringtone and click on set as ringtone

How to make ringtone from phone

If you want to make ringtone in your phone, then you can cut any music or dialogue and make it l. Because all the movie ringtones are made only by cutting from some song or movie. So if you have also liked any music of any song or film. So you can also make ringtone for your phone by cutting as much scene of that song or film.

You will need some application to make ringtone in your phone. With the help of which you will be able to make ringtone. If you want to make ringtone of any song, then for that you have to install mp3 cutter application from google or playstore. And with its help, some part of the song has to be cut out and saved in mp3 file. After doing this, you can set that music as ringtone in your phone.

how to download ringtone 

If you are not able to find the ringtone of your choice, then you can download it from google using internet. Whatever kind of ringtone you want to download from internet, you will get your favorite ringtone on any website of google. People who do not have ringtone or are unable to make ringtone, often they download ringtone from google itself.

  1. Go to YouTube Search the ringtone you want to download
  2. Click on share click on copy link
  3. Go to and paste that link in the search box
  4. Click on Audio Format
  5. Click on Download

how to set your name ringtone

Apart from the simple ringtone, many people want that. Put such a ringtone that when the call comes, he will say my name.

  1. open chrome browser
  2.  Visit
  3. Search by typing your name in the search box
  4. Check by playing the ringtone, click on the one you like
  5. Click on download option 

In this article you learned how to set ringtone in phone. We hope this information will prove useful to you.