How to upload photo on Google

Google is a search engine, and you cannot directly upload your photos to Google. For this you have to use any other website. As if social media is very famous about this from the side such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. You can upload your photo on Google using all these sites. So that when your name is searched, your photo will also appear in Google, how to upload a photo to Google.

Or if you want, you can create your own website, and upload your photo on it. Which can be indexed by Google, and Google can actually show your photo. But building a website can be more difficult for you. That’s why we suggest you to use only social media sites. And in the matter of photos, Pinterest is used the most.

how to upload photos to google

If you upload your photo on any social media site. Or set it as a profile picture, there is very little chance that it will appear in Google search. But if you use pinteret. So there is a high chance that your photo will start appearing in Google search.

  1. Go to and create your account
  2. Create a board in your name
  3. upload your photo now
  4. Please enter your name in the title and description while publishing the photo. 

Or you can also enter any other keyword on which you want people to search you.

You will have to wait for some time after publishing the post on Pinterest. Because immediately you will not get any effective result in Google. And it is not the case at all, that if you upload the same photo. And he started appearing in Google search results. Rather you have to upload many photos in your name. You will definitely see some photo in Google search result. But if you want to see your photo in Google search result by just uploading a photo, then don’t expect it.

If you are interested, you can also use other social media websites. Such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

How to upload photos to Google by creating a blog/website

Another way to upload photos on Google is by creating a website and uploading it. But this process will be very difficult for you, and your photo may not even show up in Google. And you may also have to make some investment in building a website. But if you are interested in this method, then we will tell you the free way. So that you will be able to come to your website in just a few minutes, and you will also be able to upload photos.

  1. First go to
  2. Sign in and create your website
  3. Click on New Post
  4. Upload your photo in it, write something if you want
  5. Publish the post by entering your name in the title in the description
  6. Submit this blog to search engines

Now if you want, you can open your post and see it. It will contain your photo, and whatever you wrote. But right now it will not appear in Google, but for this you will have to submit your blog to Google. And then Google will crawl your website. Google may show your photo in search results. Or maybe don’t show and if you want your photo not shown in google.

Note: If you upload your photo by creating a new website. And if you want it to be shown in Google, then there is very little chance in it. Because it is very difficult to come to Google for a new website. But if you upload your photo on someone’s already running site. So very soon your photo will come in Google. And for this we have told you about, above which is the best way.

Also use website like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Create accounts on Pinterest as well as other social media websites. And also share your photo on them so that the chances of your photo coming in google will increase.

Although you can upload your photo on many social media websites and blogs. You can create your profile, but there is no guarantee that your photo will come up in Google search or not. It might take some time. It may also happen that your photo does not appear in Google search at all. Because any content in Google comes according to Google’s algorithm.

But in two situations, your photo can come on top in Google search. If you can become a YouTuber, or you can become a blogger. So your photo can definitely come up in Google search. And that too on top, because in this case your content will be present in Google. And your profile will also be indexed by Google, and will show it in its search results. If you want, you can also write about yourself.

You can take an example of this from a big YouTuber. You can see that there are not only photos of other bloggers who are famous on YouTube, but there are also many articles about them. And especially this is the reason why they are found in Google. And not one but many photos of him are present. Because when written about them separately on the site. And their photos are shared, due to which Google keeps crawling and indexing them.

From this article you learned how to upload photos to Google. We hope this information will prove useful to you.


You can upload photos on social media websites or create your own website, after which it will be added by Google.