How to use Facebook

how to use facebook

  1. create your facebook account
  2. make friends on facebook
  3. complete your facebook profile
  4. Enter your first Facebook post
  5. respond to people’s posts
  6. block
  7. create your page
  8. monetize facebook page
  9. use messenger
  10. games on facebook
  11. facebook account management
  12. Be careful using Facebook

how to use facebook

create your facebook account

To use Facebook, you must first have an account. Because you will not be able to use Facebook without a Facebook account. For which you must have a mobile number or email account. Because your verification is done through mobile number or email address only. After that your Facebook account is issued.

Once you are verified on Facebook, after that you can update your personal details on your Facebook account. Which will help you connect with other people on Facebook.

complete your facebook profile

After creating a Facebook account, the first thing you do is to complete your Facebook account. Which includes your personal details and your profile picture etc. Because through your Facebook profile picture, people can easily identify you on Facebook, so that they can connect with you.

You can enter your name about yourself in your Facebook account and if any of your relatives use Facebook. So you can mention that too, for which extra verification is required. You can also save your college term and your other achievements to your Facebook account. And if you do any job, then you can also give your job update in your profile.

make friends on facebook

When your Facebook account has been created, and your Facebook profile is complete, then the first thing that happens. Connecting with people on Facebook Make them friends and if you use the Facebook application. And you have given permission to sync your contacts to Facebook, then you will see your relative friends etc. in Facebook friend suggestion. That is, out of all the people in your contact list, those who use Facebook, you will see them in the Facebook suggestion.

And you can send friend request by clicking on send request button. And if those people accept your friend request, you will be able to connect with them. And when you post any photo, video or text, etc., on Facebook, all of them will be visible and their posts will be visible to you.

Enter your first Facebook post

When your Facebook account is ready, your profile will be completed. So you can upload your photo, video etc to Facebook. For which the option is available on the home page, and when you upload any video or photo to Facebook. So by default it is public, that is, any Facebook user can see your post. You can like, comment on it.

But if you don’t want to make your Facebook post public. Rather, you want your Facebook posts i.e. photos and videos etc. to be able to see, like, and comment on only those people whom you know. and is included in your Facebook friend list, for this you will need to “Friend” the privacy of your Facebook post.

And if you want, you can also lock your Facebook profile instead of friending your post privacy. For example, anyone who is not in your friend list will not be able to see any of your Facebook posts. Nor will you be able to see your profile picture fully open.

respond to people’s posts

You can give your feedback on any person’s post on Facebook. For which there is a like button, in which you get 5 different types of reaction options. How did you like that post, you can tell through that reaction, and if you want, you can comment on any Facebook post.

And if you want, you can also delete your likes and comments in the future. Similarly, any other person can like or comment on your Facebook post. But you can’t limit it if you want, for which you get a lot of options. And if you choose the public option among them, so does any of Facebook’s access. You can give your feedback on your Facebook posts, but you can make your Facebook profile private if you prefer. Or by not making your Facebook profile private, you can friend like, comment, etc. So that the same people who are your friends will be able to comment or like on your Facebook post.


A lot of people use Facebook, so you may also find some spammers. Or there may be some people from whom you want to hide yourself. And if you do not want to tell that you use Facebook, then you can block them. And then that person can’t find you anywhere on Facebook, and won’t show up anywhere in anyone’s mutual friends. That is, you are completely hidden to that person.

create your page

If you have a business, and you want to bring your business on Facebook. And if you want more and more audience, then you can create your Facebook page for this. In which you can give information about your product, and can also use advertisements on it. You just have to pay something for that ad, and the content of your post Facebook page will get more audience. And if your page is posted once, and gets more results, then your Facebook page will continue to grow automatically.

monetize facebook page

Just like YouTube, Facebook has not given the option of monetization. So that if you create your Facebook page, and upload videos on it. And your video gets a lot of views, then you can monetize your Facebook page. So that ads will be shown on your videos and you will be able to earn a lot.

use messenger

By the way, Facebook Messenger is not a separate messenger, but in a way it is Facebook itself. If you open the website, you may have noticed that there is a Direct Message option at the top. And the Facebook Messenger application does the same thing. If you want, you can also use it directly on without downloading the Facebook Messenger application. But if you want, you can install the Facebook Messenger application, mainly you will need Facebook Messenger. But if you use Facebook on the website, you don’t need Messenger when you use the Facebook application.

games on facebook

There are many online games available on Facebook, you can play them if you want. And if you have knowledge of computer programs, then you can make an application for Facebook. And publish them on Joe. And if your application is used by people, then you can monetize it and earn a lot of income.

facebook account management

You can create an account on Facebook whenever you go, you can also create more than one account. All you have to do is use a different mobile number or email account for this. And you can also close your Facebook account when you want. But the condition of Facebook is 1 month pending for complete closure of Facebook account.

That is, when you delete your Facebook account, your Facebook password will be asked for confirmation at that time. And after you continue by entering your Facebook password, your Facebook account will be temporarily deleted for 30 days. Whether or not you will completely disappear from Facebook during that time. No one could find you on Facebook. Your friends may think that your Facebook account has been deleted. But still your Facebook account is not completely deleted. Just your Facebook account has become completely private, and the photos/videos and texts you upload are absolutely safe. Which will be deleted on permanent deletion. And if during that 30 days you go to Facebook and login by entering your mobile number and password. Then your Facebook account will be activated again.

Be careful using Facebook

If you start using Facebook a lot. And if you start uploading your private thing too, then it can prove to be dangerous for you. Because maybe someone is tracing your activity. And make you a victim or you become a victim of any malicious link or phishing. So all your Facebook data can be stolen. Pornographic content may be posted to your Facebook account.

So use any social media website just like a social media website in stuff. And avoid posting your personal details or any such. Which destroys your privacy.

We hope this information on how to use Facebook. Will prove useful for you.