How to use google map

Google Map is the most used map in the world. Which is used by everyone like shopkeepers, businessmen, travellers, etc. Because we can find any location very easily through Google Map. Whether it is to find a shop or to find out the location of a company or to go to any other destination. And the biggest thing is that Google Map is a completely free application. We do not have to pay to use it. how to use google map.

How to use google map

  1. open google map application
  2. To see your location? Click on the button, and turn on Location
  3. If you want to search a location, then enter the location in the search box above and search
  4. Click on the Map Type button and click on Satellite

How to see the route in Google Map

If you are going from one location to another and you do not know the way. So there is a lot of fear of getting lost, and Google can help you in this work. So start the process given below, and take the help of Google Map to go from one location to another.

  1. Open Google Map Search the location where you want to go in the open search box
  2. After searching the location, click on the direction
  3. Click on Choose start location, and select the location from where you want to see the route to your destination
  4. If your location is now locked then it will ask to turn on Click on OK
  5. You will be shown the location, and if you are ready to go to that location then click on the start button

If you want to go to a destination using google map. And if you have searched your destination by following the above-mentioned process, then you will get many benefits from it. First you will not forget the way, and second you will be able to see in real time. How many kilometers away is your destination now? And third, you will be able to analyze the speed with which you are running. Because your current speed is also shown in Google Map.

How to view google map on computer

Most people use Google Map in the mobile application itself. But if it is a matter of using Google Map on a computer or in a mobile browser, then many people do not have any idea at all. That’s how to use Google Map. Whereas you can do it very easily and in the same way in Google in the browser on computer or mobile. For which has been mentioned above, you have to go to the Google website.

  1. Go to
  2. Search location in the search box, or search your location or any other task you want to do on Google Map

send your live location

This option of Google Map can prove to be very beneficial for you. If you have to go to someone or someone is coming to you. If you want to meet somewhere, then both of you can get very upset in finding each other. So in such a situation, if you want, you can share your live location with that person or you can ask that person. That he share his live location with you. So the way both of you will keep changing your location, keep moving forward, in the same way your live location will keep updating on your Google Map. And both of you can reach each other very easily just by looking on google map.

  1. open google map application
  2. , Click on the button and it will ask to turn on location
  3. Your live location will appear, click on it and click on share
  4. Click Until you turn off this or you can set a time when this line location is turned off
  5. Below you will see your applications like WhatsApp, Facebook to normal messaging app, etc. Through whom you want to send and click on it and send

How to See the Route on Google Map Without an App

For this you can use the Google Map website. Which is, of course you can also see the location using the website in Google. But for better performance, you should use Google Map application. Because Google Map Google Map website is very fast and performs better.

go somewhere how to see the way 

You can go from any place to any other place very easily through electronic map. And the most used map is Google Map, which provides more options and accuracy than other map. First of all, open Google on your phone and search for the location where you want to go and click on the direction. Now you have to enter your starting point from where you want to start. If you want, you can also enter the name of that location manually or if you want, you can select your current location. To select your location, click on Your location and turn on the location of your phone.

how to trace location with google map

An unknown mobile cannot be traced from any one unknown mobile through Google Map. Rather, if any mobile is to be traced through Google Map, then there are many conditions for it. For example, in the mobile that you want to trace, internet service is on in it and the location is enabled as well as you have the Gmail account of that phone. After that you can trace your phone by going to Google find my location.

how to trace mobile number from google map


You cannot trace any mobile number through Google Map, instead you will be able to trace only that phone through Google Map. The phone in which you have already set up. As if the internet is turned on in it and the location is on, and you have the Gmail account of that phone.

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