How to use internet on computer

Because there is no default way to use internet in any computer or laptop. Because of which most computer or laptop users have problems running the Internet in it. Because the way we use the internet by turning on the data connection in the mobile. The computer cannot be used in that way. Rather, to use the Internet in a computer, it needs an Internet connection device. Which can provide him internet connection. How to use internet on computer.

And computer is also used for business purpose and individual, so many people may need very high speed internet. While the work of many people can be done on low internet speed. So in such a situation, if the internal internet hardware was given in any computer or laptop, then its internet speed would be limited. But no internet internet connection device is installed in the computer, because of this you have to use an external internet device. And you can work on your computer at the speed of internet provided by that external device. Whether its speed is 2G 3G or 1Gbps etc.

And you can buy a special WiFi device for your computer, or if you want, you can use the Internet on your computer from your mobile. Because all smartphones provide hotspot service. So that it becomes very easy to access the internet from any other device through the phone.

How to use internet from mobile to computer

If you want to use internet from your mobile to your computer, then you have 3 ways for this. The easiest of which is via WiFi so that your computer connects to your phone wirelessly. Apart from this, you can also use internet on your computer from your mobile through USB cable i.e. data cable. During which your mobile will also be charged from your computer. And you can also transfer any file from your computer to phone or phone to computer. And the third way is Bluetooth, which is rarely used. Because any person rarely uses bluetooth internet connection to use internet in his computer. Most people use wifi or cable.

 how to use internet on computer from wifi

If you want to use internet on your computer using WiFi,. So whether it’s your phone’s hotspot, or you’ve bought a hotspot device that’s specifically used to use the Internet. The process of using the Internet in a computer through both is the same.

  1. Go to the phone’s settings and go to personal hotspot by clicking on other networks & connections, and turn on the button
  2. Now turn on WiFi in your computer, for this use the function key of the laptop keyboard. Or search for WiFi by pressing the Windows button
  3. Now your computer will scan the WiFi device. In which your mobile WiFi will also appear, click on it
  4. Enter the password of your mobile WiFi hotspot in your computer WiFi and click Next

Note: If your WiFi device gets scanned after turning on computer WiFi. And click on it then you have problem in entering password. So in such a situation, you can go to the WiFi hotspot of your mobile and see its password. Or you can remove the password if you want, but will no longer suggest you to remove the password. Because if you remove the password of WiFi Hotspot. So any person can use the internet by connecting their computer or mobile to your hotspot.

how to use internet on computer from usb

First make sure you have a data cable. And if you want to use internet on computer via data cable then of course you can. But if you want to do this on a laptop, we wouldn’t recommend it at all. Because by doing this your mobile will also be charged from your laptop. And if you want to do this for a very limited time then you can. But if you often have to use internet from your mobile to laptop. So don’t use data cable. Because in this case your laptop battery can have a lot of impact, and your battery life can be reduced.

  1. turn on your phone data connection
  2. Connect phone to computer via data cable
  3. Go to your phone’s settings and turn on USB tethering
  4. Open your computer’s browser and access the Internet

USB tethering is very easy and if you connect your phone to computer via USB. And your phone data is on, and you have enabled the USB connection in your phone. So the internet will be accessible on your computer.

 How to use internet on computer with dongle

This method for running the Internet on you computer is completely out of date. And nobody uses this method. Because at this time this method is completely outdated somewhere. Because if any person has to use internet on his computer using this method, then it is better that that person can use internet on his computer using his mobile hotspot. Because this method is also the same as your mobile internet connection. For this you will need to buy a separate dongle. In which you have to insert your SIM card and insert that dongle into the USB port of your computer. And then you will be able to use internet on your computer. But of course you would not want to use this method at all.

How to use internet in computer with broadband/cable connection

Most professional people use this method to use the Internet on their computers. But there is a drawback of this method, that this method is not available in all the locations, but if you live in an urban area. So you will get the cable connections of almost all the companies very easily. But if you are from rural area then you may have problem in this. And in this method the speed of internet connection is very high. Not as much as you can get from a normal tower signal. Its speed depends on the plan you choose, with most companies’ plans starting from at least 40 Mbps. And this plan goes from 100 Mbps to 400 Mbps 500mbps up to 1Gbps. And if you have to send very bulky files. You have to use a lot of internet, Or is there an office. So fiber cable ie broadband will be much better for you. Since you get both options, you can also connect your computer to your broadband cable if you want. Alternatively, you can also establish a wireless connection.

And if you choose any normal internet connection. Such as by using an internet connection ie mobile and sim card through a public network tower. Or dongle or wifi hotspot device etc. In this you get very limited data, and speed is also very limited in this. But if you take a broadband connection, you will get very high speed and very high data.

The price at which you get an internet connection on a normal network. For example, if you recharge 3GB per day, then around the same price you will get more than 100 GB data per day with a speed of 40 Mbps.

So if there is an Ethernet ie broadband connection of any company at your location, then you can consider this. But this connection is not present everywhere, the biggest reason for this is that for this the company has to do the work of cabling to your location. Ethernet connection can be easily found in high population area. Because the company gets more customers here, but because they are not present in rural areas. Because very few people like to use it in rural area. So if a company gives connection in rural area by laying its ethernet cable. So the cost of laying and maintaining the cable is also difficult to meet from there.

In this article you learned how to use internet on computer. We hope this information will prove useful to you.