What is AC, What is the full form of AC

Full form of AC is Air conditioner. Air conditioner is one such equipment. Which is used for air conditioning.what is AC, What is the full for of AC, Air conditioners are used because of the high rise in temperature during summer. Due to which the temperature of the room in which AC is set. Its temprature gets very low. What is AC, What is the full form of AC.

What is air conditioner, What is the full form of AC

The air conditioner was invented by Willims Haviland Carrier in 1902. But immediately after the invention of the air conditioner, the air conditioner was not launched in the market. Because the air conditioner was not used for bussiness purpose in willims haviland carrier.

Rather, Williams invented the air conditioner to control the temperature and humidity of the individual company, L. While the air conditioner in 1933.

The air conditioner works as an air conditioner, so that the temperature of any high temperature place can be reduced significantly. AC is used more in some places like.

Used in cinema hall, shops, show room, cars, almost all types of stores, shops, companies, so that the temprature there remains air-conditioned.

We can set the air conditioner how cool the room should be. And the air conditioner will maintain the same temperature of that room.

By the way, many other equipments are used to get rid of the heat. Like cooler, fan etc. but the most effective is the air conditioner, because the air conditioner works differently than all of them.

Because when you use fan or cooler, there is a lot of noise. And the air from the fan remains according to the temprature of that place. If the place is hot, don’t expect cool air.

But the air conditioner is completely different from these, if you use the air conditioner, then you will not have to face the noise, and your room will also be completely cool.

air conditioner use

Air conditioners are mainly used to cool the room in summer. But air conditioners are used for many other purposes. Like in computer offices to cool down the computer. To keep the servers cool, AC is used in many companies to keep different types of equipment cool.

And also air conditioners are used to keep many food items cold. Because most of the food items get spoiled very quickly. And AC is used to keep those foods safe for a long time.

However, as far as it is concerned, we use freeze to keep the food items safe at home. But air conditioners are used in big food stores.

It is also available in almost all cars of this time, so that car users get a lot of convenience in summer. Air conditioners are also present in the trains if you travel by train in summer time. So air conditioner coach can prove to be a best option for you.

air conditioner parts

By the way, there are many parts of air conditioner such as refrigerant, evaporator coil, expansion valve, condenser coil, fan, compressor, etc. But all these are internal part of AC in which we do not need to do any changes or tinkering.

But there are some external parts of the air conditioner. After attaching which a complete AC is prepared, and reduces the temprature of your rooms.

Condenser unit

The condenser unit is the outer part of the air conditioner, which is placed on the ceiling or window or outside the home, depending on the type of AC.

Indoor unit

Indoor unit of air conditioner – This unit works for cooling. Which is installed inside the house at the location where the room has to be cooled.


Both indoor and outdoor equipment are connected to each other through duct. Due to which a complete air conditioner is ready.

How many types of AC are there

Although there are many types of air conditioners, but most people only know about room air conditioner. Because this is used in most places. And if you only know about this one type of AC. If not about the rest then no problem, here is the list of all types of air conditioners and some information about them.

window ac

The window air conditioner is a very widely used air conditioner. You will get to see window AC in shops in homes almost everywhere. The window air conditioner is very comfortable. It is easy to install and all its parts are attached together.

No extra duct is required in this air conditioner. Because both indoor and outdoor equipments are attached together in this air conditioner. That’s why this air conditioner is installed at such a location. So that its indoor part is towards the inside of the house and the outdoor unit is outside the house.

If you want, you can plan about this air conditioner while building the house, or if you want, you can get it set in your window. But for its installation you have to modify your windows.

If you use window air conditioner then you may have some noise problem. Because the outdoor unit is very close to this air conditioner.

split ac

Split air conditioner is also a widely used air conditioner, in split air conditioner both indoor unit and outdoor unit are installed far away.

The indoor unit is installed inside the room and the outdoor unit is installed on the roof or outside the house. Which has a lot of advantage, there is a lot of cleaning in the split air conditioner. Because this air conditioner is mounted somewhere on the wall, and does not take up much space.

Due to which the room also looks very attractive, and its outdoor unit is far away from the room, so there is a lot of peace in the room. Your room remains cool with absolute peace.

The indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner are connected to each other only through the duct. And a complete air conditioner is made. You may have to face a little problem for the installation of the duct.

heat pump

The heat pump is the best option because this AC can provide you both cold and hot as per your wish. You can use the heat pump to heat the house during the cold days. And can be used to cool the room in summer.

That is, heat pump is best for every season, although mostly people use window or split air conditioners only. But it is obvious that if the quality is better then the price will also be higher. But if your budget is good then you can also consider the installation of heat pump.

portable ac

Portable AC will be better for you in that condition when you do not live at your home but live in a rented room. And there should not be already installed air conditioner. Because the installation of portable air conditioner is very easy.

If there is a portable air conditioner, it does not mean that it will not have more power. Rather it will also have the same power as normal AC. But the biggest feature of portable AC is its portability.

Because this air conditioner can be installed in any room whenever you want, and you will not even need to do any sabotage for portable air conditioners. As you have to do for the duct of split air conditioner. And if you use window AC, the window has to crash.

And for window / split air conditioners, you will need an installation guide, or you will have to call an installation engineer / mechanic. But there is no special process to install portable AC.

You just keep the portable AC, and by attaching the duct (Pipe), you have to get out of the house, whether you do it through the window, or you can get space in the wall too. For which its duct takes very less space.

In portable AC both outdoor unit and indoor unit are attached together. All we have to do is attach the duct to the outdoor unit. So that the heat can be taken out, after that you can start the AC.

inverter ac

Inverter AC is considered better than normal AC in many ways, because inverter AC works better than usual AC. On hearing the name of inverter AC, most people think that it is an inverter-powered air conditioner.

Which we can run even without electricity. Through your inverter but it is not like that at all. Because the name of this air conditioner is just inverter AC, the rest of the inverter air conditioner also runs on electricity.

If you are planning to buy inverter air conditioner just thinking about it. If you will be able to run it with your inverter, then stop because you will not be able to run it with the inverter.

But now you will think that when this air conditioner does not run from inverter. So why its name is inverter air conditioner, there is a big reason for it. And that is the processing of inverter AC, its working system.

How Inverter AC Works

First things first, inverter air conditioners are not available in window units. That is, you will find inverter AC in split unit.

When you set a temprature in a normal air conditioner, the air conditioner turns off after reaching that temprature. And when the temperature rises, the air conditioner starts working again. And this process continues continuously. Due to which the temprature of the room is not maintained.

Rather, this process of air conditioner keeps fluctuating in temperature, and this is the reason why normal ac makes more noise than inverter AC.

But if we talk about inverter air conditioner, then this air conditioner works continuously. This air conditioner does not turn off. Instead of turning off the inverter AC after the temprature reaches your set limit, it does a slow process. Due to which the noise is also reduced and the temprature is also maintained.

The inverter ac does not shut off after reaching the set temperature like a normal air conditioner. That is, the inverter air conditioner works exactly on the inverter principle, that is why it is called inverter AC.

But if till now you were thinking that inverter air conditioner runs with inverter then you were wrong. Both normal AC and inverter air conditioner will run on electricity only.

Although they can also be run from inverter, but for this a bigger inverter will be required. Because we cannot run an air conditioner through the commonly used inverter, no matter what air conditioner it is.

When this air conditioner does not run from inverter, then why is it called inverter air conditioner?

Because inverter acs run continuously like inverters and maintain temperature, which normal ACs cannot do.

which air conditioner should i buy

By the way, we have told you about all the air conditioners above, so that you can decide for yourself. Which air conditioner should you buy, which air conditioner will be best for you?

But which air conditioner will be best for you depends on many things. As you want to use it only for room cooling, or for room heating with the change of season.

What is your budget to buy air conditioner, how much cooling you want etc.

By the way, mostly split or window air conditioners are used. definitely you will also choose one of these for yourself. And inverter AC is also used a lot, even inverter ac is better than normal split AC and window AC. Therefore, if you want, you can also choose inverter AC.

Everyone use AC for a better environment in summer but if your budget is good. So you can plan not only for summers but also for winters. For which you can purchase heat pump.

One of the most important thing of air conditioner is ton.

what is ac tone

A unit is made to measure all things, and it is measured on the same base. And you already know the tone. The ton is used to measure weight and you would know that there are 907.185 kg in 1 ton.

Do not be afraid, it is not the weight of 1 ton air conditioner, but it is the power of air conditioner, it means 1 ton AC. That this air conditioner will be able to provide as much cooling as 1 ton of ice (907.185 Kg) can provide cooling.

Only the power of the air conditioner is measured by ton, and the more ton you will buy the air conditioner. Your air conditioner will be able to provide more cooling. And if you are going to buy an air conditioner, then you should know about the power of the air conditioner. So that you can decide which air conditioner you should buy.

Which air conditioner you should buy depends on your home, room, shop or whatever location you want to set up. So if you want to set air conditioner in such a room. If it is of 100 square feet then 1 ton AC will be perfect.

1 ton air conditioner can provide perfect cooling to a 100 square feet room. However, if you wish, you can use 1 ton air conditioner in large rooms as well. But this air conditioner will not be able to cool that room very well.

So if your room is 200 square feet, then you can buy 2 ton air conditioner. In the same way, you can increase the tone for a large location. The bigger the location you want to buy an air conditioner, the higher the power (Ton) of the air conditioner should be.

For example, if you want to install an air conditioner at a location of 500 square feet. So you can buy 5 ton AC. But this does not mean that it is necessary.

Rather, this power determines its capacity, but if you want, you can use low ton air conditioner in a room/hall of 500 square feet. But the air conditioner will not be able to provide the best cooling to that room. but don’t worry the inside temprature will be much better than the outside temprature.

In this article you learned what is AC and What is the full form of AC. We hope that this information will prove useful to you.