What is Amazon, Who is the founder of amazon

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce website, which mainly deals in selling goods online. What is Amazon, Who is the founder of amazon, Whose founder is Jeff Bezos, who is an American resident, Amazon started in 1994 from a garage. And because of Amazon, the owner of Amazon i.e. Jeff Bezos has become the richest man in the world. What is Amazon, Who is the founder of amazon.

Founder/Proprietor jeff bezos
Year of establishment 1994
Website Amazon.com
other options flipkart.com/snapdeal.com /jiomart.com

What is Amazon, Who is the founder of amazon

Amazon does its business all over the world. Although Amazon is an American e-commerce company. But Amazon’s dominance is very high compared to other commerce companies all over the world. Amazon’s users are very high in the world, and this can be gauged from this fact. That Amazon is included in the world’s 10 largest websites.

How does Amazon work

The main way Amazon works is to connect both the seller and the buyer. Anyone can send their product to Amazon, and anyone can visit Amazon and buy goods. However, in the early decades of Amazon, Amazon itself shipped a wide variety of goods. But now the kingdom of Amazon has become much bigger. Because of which only Amazon cannot sell the products on Amazon. Rather, different types of sellers sell their products on Amazon in all countries. This is a fact about which very few people are aware. because that’s what most people think, That if something is purchased from Amazon. So it is sent directly from a company or Amazon. But it is not so, but third party sellers also use the e-commerce company to sell their goods. And sellers use two methods to send that item to the customer. One of which is that the seller himself will get that product delivered. Another way is to use Amazon Fulfillment Center.

Amazon Fulfillment Center

When a seller does not want to deliver his product himself. Rather, he wants his entire process to be handled by Amazon. So in this case the seller can use Amazon Fulfillment Center. In such a situation, the seller has to make some payment to Amazon. And that seller can keep his product in Amazon Fulfillment Center. After which it is the responsibility of Amazon to deliver that product. And if the seller does not want to keep his product in Amazon Fulfillment Center. So you can get that product delivered by opening it using a shipping company.

amazon account

This is the most important part of Amazon, because whenever any person wants to do some shopping from Amazon. So he must have an Amazon account. And any person can create his account by going to Amazon, for which he must have a mobile number. So that it can be verified. And if that person orders something, then the delivery has been done during the delivery, he can contact that person. User can make changes to his account at any time. Can set his photo, add multiple addresses to his account.

what does amazon prime mean

Amazon Prime is one such feature which gives you a bit more access after subscribing. Which makes you different from a normal user. Such as Amazon Prime Video, Music, Prime Gaming, Discount, Prime Reading, and the biggest advantage of Amazon Prime. That is, very fast delivery will be available. A normal order may take a little longer to be delivered to you. But if you are a prime member then you will get faster delivery than normal. And if you are from the cities decided by Amazon. So your product will be delivered to you within 2 hours of placing the order.

How did the Amazon company start?

The Amazon company started mainly by selling books. Jeff Bezos, who is the founder of Amazon, was a working person. And they realized during their shopping and traveling that online shopping could be the way of the future. And he put all his wealth into building and running Amazon. About which even Jeff Bezos was not sure how his business would be. And their investment will also give them a return or not, and Jeff Bezos first started selling books on Amazon. However, he used to work on selling many other items as well. But at that time his main focus was on books. Because when the idea of ​​online bookstore came in the mind of Jeff Bezos. Which became a store of all types of products along with the growing time.

What work does Amazon company do?

Amazon started primarily as a book store. Which at this time sends all kinds of goods, on which many vendors are present. But apart from this, Amazon has spread its legs in many other industries. As Amazon also manufactures hardware equipments, it also provides services for website owners. Which is known as AWS i.e. Amazon Web Service.

What can you ask from Amazon

You can easily order most things on Amazon. You will find almost 98% of things easily on Amazon but some things are like this. For which government action is needed. For example, if you want to buy a bike, its registration, etc., such things cannot be bought on Amazon. Other things that we can buy directly, and they do not require any kind of government action. You will find it very easily on Amazon.

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