What is America, What is the full form of USA

The richest people of the world also belong to America like jeff bezos, elon musk, bill gates, mark zuckerberg, etc. What is USA, What is the full form of USA, America is at the forefront of technology. And this is the reason that it is the most capable country in the world. Because at this time the whole world uses technology only. Information about America.

What is America What is the full form of USA?

The full form of USA is  United States of America . By the way, it is united states of america. But mainly it is known as US i.e. United State. America is a country which is known by the name of America. USA is the only country in the world, which comes on the third number both on the basis of area and population. Big companies of the world are established in USA only.

What is the currency of America

All countries have different currencies, and their value varies from country to country. And its price may be less or more. And in USA the currency is called dollar. Whose value is very high. Currently, in February 2021, 1 US dollar is/was approximately equal to 72.55 INR.

The currency of USA is also called USD i.e. United State Dollar. If you want to check what is the rate of American dollar at present. So just type in Google, USD to INR. Or you can enter the name of the country with which you want to compare the currency. You will get the current dollar rate.

who discovered america

America was discovered by Italian explorer Christopher Columbus on October 12, 1492. america is in the northern continent. Joki is located in the Northern Hemisphere of the Earth, and comes entirely in the Western Hemisphere.

At this time, the United States of America, which is commonly called the United States or America. And it is a country located in North America. It is about 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing regions. And it is made up of various subordinate areas.

America is considered to be the most powerful country in the whole world and it is also called the United Nations. The United Nations is called those countries which are members of the United Nations Organization. They are given a special right. And they are more powerful than other countries.

The way other countries have their own currency, in the same way America also has Dollar (USD). And you can run the currency of America in any country. For this, there are many exchanges in every country, or you can exchange it from the bank and take it in the currency of your country.

who was the first president of america

first president of america George Washington
Birth 22-02-1732
death 14-10-1799

The first President of America was George Washington. Or we can say that George Washington became the first President of the United States of America. He led the US army to victory over Britain. George Washington was elected the first President of America in 1789.

He has played an important role in liberating America from the clutches of the British. Because of which he is called the father of the nation of America.

From 1789 to 1797, he has served the country by staying on the post of President for about 8 years. He was born on 22 February 1732 and died on 14 December 1799. Even today the coin in his name runs in America. He was born in a teacher’s house in the city of Virginia, USA.

How much is the salary of the President of America

How much salary does the President of America get? So I would like to tell you. That the President of America gets $ 4,00,000 salary per year. And at the same time they get many types of allowances.

If we convert 4,00,000$ to inr, then according to the present, we get salary of Rs.2,98,20,000/- per year. Which is much more than the salary of the Prime Minister of India.

And they also get a lot of money in the form of allowance. And on top of that different types of facilities are also available if I only talk about allowance. So I would like to tell you that the President of America and his family get $ 1,00,000 only to decorate their White House. As long as he is President, he can live in the White House with his family.

The President of America is also given the facility of personal plane and helicopter. There is a Marine 1 helicopter in the service of the President. And Boeing 747 aircraft is also available, and the vehicle used by the President during the trip is bullet proof. And a convoy moves with their car. The jockey is posted under the protection of the President, and all these are spent from the treasury.

Even after the term of office is over, the President of America is given a pension. Overall, most of the expenses of the President’s personal life are given from the national treasury.

In addition to salary, an expense allowance of $ 50,000 is received annually. And no travel expenses are covered up to $100,000. And all the facilities available to the President are tax free.

And gets an entertainment allowance of $ 19,000. In which he can spend for his or his family’s entertainment. There is no salary for the wife of the President of America.

If I talk about the salary received before this, then the President of America used to get an annual salary of $ 2,00,000. It was increased to about $4,00,000 in 20001.

In this article you learned what is America, what is the full form of USA. We hope this information will prove useful for you.

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