What is bank statement, What does bank statement mean

There are many people who have to know about all the transactions of their bank. What is bank statement, What does bank statement mean, Which contains all the information in the statement, but they will not know the medium that how to get the information about all the transactions of their bank or how to download their statement. Due to lack of information about all these, people face a lot of trouble. So there is no need for you to worry, in today’s article I will give you all the complete information related to bank statement, What is the meaning of bank statement.

What is bank statement, What does mean bank statement

need bank statement

Before needing bank statement, we should know what is bank statement. A bank statement is a document that is usually sent by the bank to the account holder every month. Contains a summary of all transactions in an account during each month. And also known as account statement, bank statement contains bank account information. Like account number and details of deposits and withdrawals.

And if we talk about the need for bank statement, then as you all would know, if we are using any bank account. So in every month we do many transactions which we do not even remember, in such a situation bank statement is a better option for us. In which we can see all our transactions with complete information. In transaction details we get information about things like date, time, transaction address, transaction amount etc.

Let me tell you for information that our bank statement also works as a document in a way. We need bank statement in many other places. Like if we do any work online and in that our money is transacted from direct account. Even then we need bank statement in that. If we work in share market then as you would know that when we open our demate and trading account. So in that also we are asked for at least 6 bank statements.

They ask for the reason that they want to see that whoever has opened this trading account or wants to open it. Whether they do transactions in their bank account or not, the same happens in EMI as well. Whenever we get EMI done for anything, we ask for bank statement in that too, to know whether transactions are being done from this account or not.

How to get offline bank statement

If you want to get offline statement. So you have to go to your bank and give an application. In which you have to write that from this date till which date you want the account statement.

So if you want to know how to write an application for the statement, then you can also write the application by looking at the application written below.


mr branch manager

Bank of Baroda (You write your bank name and address)

Subject – To obtain bank statement from savings account


I humbly state that my name is ____________ and my account number is ____________. I have an account with your branch I need bank statement of last three months transactions in my account. I need it for a very urgent work which requires transaction strait of about three months. So please be kind enough to provide me the bank statement.

Dated …………………………..



Account No……………………………


So you write an application like this and give it to any employee of your bank, and they will give you the statement of your account.

How to get online bank statement

If you want to withdraw the online bank statement, then you can withdraw the statement of your account in many ways. The first way is by using the application of your bank, you can get the bank statement. It happens that almost all the banks have their own application. Which we also call mobile banking, you can also download your statement with the help of your application.

And the second way is that you can download your statement by visiting the official website of the bank.  Which we also call net banking, in net banking we can do many things related to the bank along with the statement.

And the third way is that you can get your mini statement by SMS. For this, you have to send your account number by writing to the number given below. Something like this Type “Balance“<Space>Last 4 Digit of A/C Number and Send to 5676732 or 9289289960. And soon after sending the message, a mini statement will come on your mobile number. In which there is information about only a few transactions.

In this article you learned what is Bank statement and What is the meaning of Bank statement. We hope this information will prove useful for you.