What is email, What is the full form of Email

The full form of Email is Electronic Mail, Email is a method of sending an online message. For which internet connection is mandatory, e-mail is mainly used for business purpose. Any type of file can be sent through email, such as audio video photo or any other type of document etc. What is email, What is the full form of Email.

E-mail Electronic Mail
Founder Ray Tomlinson
Email system founder Shiva Ayyadurai
main email provider gmail, yahoomail, rediffmail

what is email, What is the full form of email

Email is an internet-based messaging service that can be used to send online messages. Or can be obtained, email accounts can also be used to create accounts on a variety of websites. An email account is essential for various types of online tasks. An email account requires a domain name and a username registered to the domain name that is linked with an @.

For example, support@apsole.com, it will contain the support username. Which the user can put as per their choice, and then the @ is automatically applied to all emails. And after that the domain name of the website on which that email account is created remains.

who provides email service

Providing e-mail service requires a very large server system. In which many big companies are working, and are providing their email services for free use all over the world. Of which the most used is Google’s email service, which is also known as Gmail. These are some of the main email service providers in the world.

  • Gmail
  • Yahoomail
  • Rediffmail
  • Hotmail

What are the features of Email

The features of the email depend on which company it is being provided. For example, you can understand that Gmail or Yahoomail or Hotmail etc. Any email can be used to normalize email usage. But some companies use only the email of a particular company for their services. For example, you can take Google, if you want to use any service of Google. So you have to use Google’s email, you will not be able to use Google’s services by using any other email provider.

Features common to all email providers


An email service, like a normal messaging application, has an inbox, and all normal messages are stored in it. Which is sent to you by some companies / person, and you have already read the email message. Its color becomes normal, while an unread message remains dark.


Importance is the level in an email at which an email service collects some important emails. So that you can easily check all the important emails coming to you.


Accounts can also be created on a variety of social media and general web sites using an e-mail account. And if you create your account on any social media website using your email account. So you may get a lot of emails, in which you can have a lot of problems. Because of which email providers provide a social level, and put all the messages coming from the social media website in that level. And this message is not shown in the inbox of the e-mail.


Many emails are also sent for the purpose of promotion, in which many types of discounts or offers are given. And if any person or company sends you such mails, then the email provider automatically puts that email in the promotion level.


If an email is important to you, you can put a star in that email. After which that e-mail will be saved in your starred level, it will be mainly useful for you then. When you get a lot of emails and you have to use one of those emails later. So you can put him in a different level by putting a star, so that it will be easier for you to find him.


If you send this mail to any person. So all those emails will be shown to you in sent level. How many emails have you sent and to which email address all have been sent.


If you have to send an email to a person at a certain time, if you are afraid for some reason. If you are not able to send it on time then you can use dual from you. Because by doing this you completely prepare your email. And set your time, and at your set time, that email automatically reaches the email set by you.


Sometimes internet connection or wrong e-mail address is entered so that sending email fails. So in this case that message is saved in the outbox level. Which means that the email has not been sent due to some error. And if you want to send it again, you can go to your outbox level and check the email, and try again.


If you are writing an email, and during that time for some reason you have to stop writing your email. So you can save that email so that that email will be in draft. And you can start typing it again, and send it again.


Spam labels are specially designed to protect users. Because often illegal processes like online fraud and hacking go on. So in such a situation, if someone sends you a spam message, then your email provider will automatically put that email in the spam level.


Whenever you delete a message from your email account, it doesn’t get deleted directly. Rather it is put at the trace level, and it is mainly used for security purposes. Because if you delete an email by mistake, which you will need again. So there may be a problem for you, in such a situation when you delete an email, and your email goes to the trace level. So you can recover that email, and if you delete your email. And that message goes to the trash level, then after a certain time (30 days) that message is automatically deleted.

What is the history of Email

With the invention of the Internet and the e-mail system, email was the only way to send messages online. Using which messages or any type of file could be sent to anyone through the Internet. But with the increasing time, with the advancement of technology, different types of messengers have become available. So that online message it is mostly used to send any type of document online. Whereas email is most commonly used for business purposes.

What are the advantages of Email

There are many benefits of e-mail, as most of the functions of the Internet are email-based. And if there was no email, then perhaps there would have been a lot of problem in doing these tasks. Because if you want to create an account on any website or application, then you need this mail for that, or you want to contact someone online. Even then email is needed, most companies also provide email service for contact.

  • You can send any type of file to any person via email
  • Can use email to create your account on web sites
  • You can subscribe to the newsletters of various types of websites through e-mail. As you will keep getting different types of information on your email.

What is the disadvantage of email

The disadvantages of email are also many, and most people become victims of hacking through email itself.

  • Both the sender and the receiver must have an internet connection
  • You may get phishing, malicious links or files etc. on email. that are sent to you by hackers, and if you discount that email, you can become a victim of hacking

What is the feature of Email

The specialty of e-mail is that you can create your own email account for free. And its use is also completely free, you can send email to different people simultaneously. Email can be used as a normal user or even as a businessman.

who invented email

Email was invented by Ray Tomlinson because Ray Tomlinson was the first person to use the @. And after that Siva Ayyadurai created an email program which had options like Inbox, Draft etc. Shiva Ayyadurai was given the title of inventor of email by the US government.

who is the owner of the email

No one owns the e-mail, but any internet company can develop its own email system. And then if he wants, he can use it for his personal work, and if he wants, he can further customize it and provide it to the users.

what is email address

An email address is the address of an email account through which it can send or receive email to any person. Or you can create your account on any website using his email address. The email address looks something like support@apsole.com. In which the @ is preceded by the username, which the user can put in his choice. And @ is followed by the domain name i.e. which domain the email is running on.

In this article you learned what is email, And what is the full form of Email. We hope this article will prove useful to you.