What is Facebook tag

Facebook is one such social media site, which is known for its unique features and popularity. What is Facebook tag, Everyone uses it and one of the same features of Facebook is the tag, What is Facebook tag.

What is Facebook Tag

By the way, the tag feature is only for the convenience of the users. Not only the tag but every single feature is only for the ease of the users. But in such a situation some features also become a problem for us.

If people tag you too but you don’t want anyone to tag you. So you can also disable tagging, after which no one will be able to tag you.

Or if you want someone to tag you, then it should not be shared on your timeline without your permission. So you can also select the review option.

You can do deep setting of tagging of your Facebook account, about which we are going to tell you here.

how to remove facebook tag

  1. open facebook
  2. Click on the drop down menu and click on Settingsfacebook tag
  3. Click on Timeline and Tagging
  4. In Timeline click on Edit button in “Who can post on your timeline”facebook tag
  5. Select only me to stop tagging

Not just tags, even if someone wants to post normally on your timeline. Even then you will not be able to do it, so if you want that no one can share anything on your timeline, then it is best to make it private.

How to manually turn off Facebook tags

Normally anyone can tag you. So that his post gets added to your timeline as well. Which many people do not like and the most important reason for this is that we do not know in which content someone is tagging us.

Even when we are not using Facebook, people keep tagging us. But we can stop it after which if someone tags us. So till then we will not be tagged in it. Until we approve it and I liked this feature very much.

  1. You have already reached the timeline and tagging setting. There in Review “Review posts that you’re tagged in before the posts appear on your timeline?” Click on the edit button. and then select Enabledfacebook tag
  2. Now if anyone tags you. So you will be tagged in it only when you approve it.
  3. If we share a post on our timeline, and if it has multiple faces then any of your friends can tag themselves in your post. However, there is no need to disable it and there is no problem with it. But if you want to enable review for this also. So “Review tags that people add to your posts before the tags appear on Facebook?” Enable it as well.

But let us assume that you have not stopped tagging. And people are tagging you and the post in which you are tagging is publicly visible. That is, anyone can see those tagged posts, but if you want, you can change their visibility.

how to make facebook tag private

  • You have already reached the timeline and tagging in “Who can see posts that you’re tagged in on your timeline?” Click on Edit. In this you will get many options, you can choose any option which you like better.facebook tag

If you want to make the tagged post completely private, then select Only me and if you want. If only your friends can see, then select friends.

how to tag on facebook

First go to Facebook, and write a post or attach a video or photo. After that, just below that you will get the option of Tags. Click on that in the book you will get to see the names of some people. If you want to tag those people, click on them. And if you want to tag someone who is not in that list. So search by entering that person’s name, and click on it. That person will be tagged in your post.

In this article you learned what is Facebook tag. We hope that this information will prove useful to you.