What is Facebook, What is the full form of FB

Facebook is the largest social media website in the world and the third largest website. What is Facebook, What is the full form of FB, Which has the most traffic, which people can use to upload their photos and meet different types of people. And with the passage of time, the features and facilities of Facebook are increasing more. Even you people can use Facebook for their income. What is Facebook, What is the full form of FB.

What is Facebook, What is the full form of FB

The full form of FB is Facebook Facebook is the largest social media website in the world. Invented by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, it was limited to a few universities in its early decades. But over time, Facebook’s empire grew, and it grew from a university to a famous all over the world.And at this time it has become the most used social media site in the world. And the world’s third largest website whose founder Mark Zuckerberg comes in the list of some of the top richest people in the world. Although Facebook is available to the public for free, Facebook earns its users by showing ads to them, any person can create their own ad by creating a Facebook page and run it on Facebook. And the payment made by that person goes to the Facebook company. And his ad is run on the Facebook timeline. For a long time, Facebook has been running many services, including Facebook WhatsApp Instagram etc. And in 2021, Facebook made its parent company Meta. And the purpose of Meta’s product Meta to Facebook WhatsApp Instagram etc. is to increase virtual reality.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a part of Facebook, which was used for direct messaging on Facebook. And one did not have any external application, but with increasing time everyone started a separate application for Facebook messages in Facebook. Named Facebook Messenger and most people use Facebook Messenger, L. But if you want to message someone on Facebook, then you can also do without Facebook Messenger. Because the option of Direct Message is also given on the Facebook website, and the work of both is the same. Whether you send a direct message on Facebook or send a message using the Facebook Messenger application.

friend request

Connecting people with each other on Facebook depends on Facebook friend requests. Any Facebook user can send a friend request to any other Facebook user. And if the next person accepts that friend request, you both become friends on Facebook. But the condition of making friends on Facebook is that you can also add maximum 5000 people to your Facebook friend list which is enough.

facebook like button

Facebook has had a like button since its early decades. But different reactions have been included in the like button along with the filling time. And currently there are a total of 5 action buttons active. Even during the covid-19 pandemic, reactions were set in the Facebook Like button.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace allows its users to buy and sell goods on which any person can sell their stuff. And the most important thing about Facebook Marketplace is that the products around your location are shown to you. So that if you want, you can buy it by visiting it directly, and if you also have an old device or any old stuff. If you want to sell, then you can upload it to Facebook Marketplace. You can set its price, if a customer likes your product, then he will contact you.

Facebook Games

Anyone can develop their own game on Facebook, for which coding is required, and any user can play the game on Facebook. And if we talk about a developer, then by developing games on Facebook, one can also earn their income. Because when you develop your game on Facebook, Facebook allows you to use ads on it. And that Facebook app developer will be able to make his income based on the performance of the ad.

facebook profile locking

The privacy of Facebook profiles was a big problem, because one Facebook user could very easily see the profile of another Facebook user. His photo could see it, the person could do it. But Facebook has removed all the problems by giving the option of profile locking. So that if a person locks his Facebook profile, then any other Facebook user who is not his friend. will not be able to see his/her profile, and Facebook users are feeling much more secure because of the Facebook profile locking option, l. Because after the profile is locked, only people from their friend list are able to see their profile. see their posts, although other people can also visit your profile. But he will be able to see your profile picture at a smaller size, and will not be able to do anything else. until he becomes your friend.

what is facebook page

Facebook Pages is one such feature of Facebook, which is for different types of brands and companies. Because by using it he can bring his business on Facebook. And can get more and more customers, because Facebook page provides more features than Facebook account. Even Facebook page admin can boost the post of any of his page. So that the posts of his Facebook page will be shown to more people, but for this that person will have to pay a fixed amount. And this amount depends on how many customers he needs, and which location he is targeting.

What is Facebook Monetization

Facebook has also provided the option of monetization, so that any person can create a Facebook page and upload videos on it, and if his video gets a good number of views. So he can monetize his page, after which Facebook will show ads on his videos. And your income will be based on the impressions and clicks of that ad. But you have to keep in mind that if you upload a video to your Facebook profile, nothing is going to happen to it. Rather you have to create a Facebook page and upload the video on it. And monetize your page.

Part of social media

Facebook is not a part of any media, rather it is a website that aims to keep people connected online. On which any person can create his account and chat with other people. And can use the services of Facebook, because people can create their account on it. And countries can connect with people from the world, due to which it is called social media website.

Advantages and disadvantages of Facebook

Benefits of Facebook

More and more people are connecting online through Facebook. You are able to chat and do video calling with people for free. Even those people are found on Facebook, who are separated in their childhood, some have gone to the city to earn, some where, some said. But everyone gets met on Facebook.

  • You will be able to connect with more and more people online
  • You can share your photo on Facebook. Even many people like to share their every moment photo.
  • you can earn money using facebook
  • On Facebook, you developer, you can develop games etc. and can make income
  • Being aware of every single update is a lot of things. Which keeps trending in the world, about which we get to know very quickly.
  • If you have any business then you should join Facebook. This will give you chances of getting more customers

disadvantages of facebook

The advantages of Facebook are many, but its disadvantages are also many. So you should use Facebook keeping both sides in mind

  • If you use normal Facebook then no problem. But while using normal Facebook, it becomes wrong as well, which wastes a lot of time.
  • If you do not have much knowledge about technology. So you can become a victim of hacking through Facebook
  • By sharing your personal information, you are more likely to receive threats like hacking or bank account withdrawals

how to use facebook 

You must have a mobile number or email address to use Facebook. And at the same time you have a computer, it is compulsory to have a mobile too. So that you are a Facebook application, able to access the website and use its services.

  • First of all you have to go to facebook.com, and create your account by clicking on that Create Account button. And while creating an account, many information will reach you. Like your mobile number email address which will be used for your verification. After that you have to complete step by step all the information like your name, your date of birth, etc. And if you want, you can also do this with some information, which you will be able to set later
  • After creating a Facebook account, you can put any post on your Facebook. Such as photos, videos, text, etc., whose option you will find on the homepage of Facebook. Click in the text box on the Facebook home page, and you can add photos or videos by typing whatever you want or clicking on the photo. And by clicking on the post button, you can put your content on Facebook
  • But you should also pay attention to the privacy of your Facebook account. So that no other person can interfere with your Facebook account. For this, different Facebook privacy settings have been given. But if you want to exclude unknown people from your Facebook account in one click. So you can lock your Facebook profile by going to Facebook account settings. So that no one will be able to interfere in your Facebook account. until he becomes your friend
  • While running Facebook, you have to keep in mind that you will find many such fake people and spammers. Which will ask for your personal information, such as your mobile number or will ask you for money. And that too by creating an account in the name of your relative or friends, then you have to be alert from such fraudsters.

who owns facebook

Mark Zuckerberg is the owner of Facebook

Which country is Facebook a company of?

Facebook is a US company

Who is the CEO of Facebook

Facebook was invented by American resident Mark Zuckerberg in his student life. And since then Mark Zuckerberg is the only CEO of Facebook. While the CEO position of Facebook’s other services has been given to different people.

what is the full form of facebook

There is no full form of Facebook, because Facebook itself is a complete word. Whereas the short form of Facebook has been made so that people can easily open Facebook by typing just two characters. Which is FB i.e. fb.com and the full form of FB is Facebook.

what is the old name of facebook

Facebook was started as The Facebook. Because the purpose of Facebook was not to make a big company. Rather this fun was developed in jest. And when thefacebook.com started growing, the company bought the Facebook.com domain name. and changed it to facebook.com instead of facebook.

Who invented Facebook and when

Facebook was invented by Mark Zuckerberg with his friends in 2004. Who was a student of Harvard University, and Mark Zuckerberg had also created many types of computer programs before the invention of Facebook. Even the server of Harvard University had crashed because of them, but Facebook proved to be one such invention. Which the country went on spreading in the world and its users increased day by day.

In this article you learned what is Facebook, What is the full form of FB. We hope this information will prove useful to you.