What is LOGO, What is the full form of LOGO

Logo is such an identity that you will get to see it in all departments, companies, organizations of all types of industries. What is LOGO, what is the full form of LOGO, Yes, but if it is said that it will be seen everywhere, then it is also not wrong. What is LOGO, what is the full form of LOGO.

Because physically we often see different types of logos but we vertually also see logos every day. Then whether at home or anywhere else if you use the phone at any place. So you will always see different types of logos. Even you must have seen it, but maybe you have never paid attention to it.

Logo is a graphic ie a picture related to company or any brand, the full for of LOGO is language of graphic oriented organization . Which is used by a company, organization or individual for its graphic identity. Because it is easy for people to identify the company through the logo.

By the way, there are many companies or organizations in the whole world, which use it for their identity. We will not give an example of any such company, due to which you will have problem in understanding the logo, rather we will understand the logo from the example of the logo of the world’s most popular company.

You use mobile, definitely must be doing because everyone uses it. And who would be such that if he uses mobile then he does not use google, facebook etc. And google’s logo is G which is completely in round shape and it includes multi color. google app and website run with this logo.

In the same way all companies have logos. Seeing whom you will easily understand that which company is this, whether its name is with the logo or not.

In the same way, you will be able to see the logo of any car, bike etc. company. Although everyone’s logo is different, because if a logo is already registered then no one else can use the same logo for their business/services. If someone does this then it will be illegal. And if the company in whose name it is registered opposes it, then legal action can be taken against that other person.

And if you also want to make a logo for your website or any other business, then you can make it very easily. For which you will get many softwares, and if you want, you can also get those people registered. So that legally those logos become yours and no one else can claim them.

However, if an offline business is started, then in the beginning it does not matter to all the people. But with the growth of the company, the logo becomes very important. And then they have to design a better logo for themselves. And he has to get a patent, but if he goes into online business on the other hand, such as website development, application development, software development, etc. So, from the very beginning, the people matter more.

If you create your website, then in starting itself you have to create a logo for your website. And it has to be set, whether your website is running or not, it doesn’t matter more than that. And most of the websites do not have the patent of their people, this is because of the content of the website.

But if we talk about banking websites, any software company or e-commerce company, this social media etc. So their people have patents with them but apart from business website the number of blogging website is very high. But blogging websites do not have patents for their website logos. And this is also because blogging is done for an informational purpose. But if the platform wants to down any service in future, then it may also need to patent its logo.

Because even if people do not recognize you on a small business, but as the business grows, people play an important role in your identity. For example you can take big companies like google facebook. People can easily tell which company it is by looking at Google people, Facebook logo, Apple people etc. Then whether the name of that company is written on it or not.

What is logo design

Any company engineer can decide the design of the logo according to his own. But it is not at all necessary that more designed people are better for the same company. Rather a simple person can become your identity. Because whether you design your logo to extreme or keep it very simple the company will grow. So that simple logo or whatever you have designed will become your identity. And for logo design, most companies select the first character of their company, such as Google – G, Facebook – F for example.

What is logo in computer

The importance of a logo is the same everywhere, because people have a graphic identity of a service company etc. And as far as people are concerned in the computer, you will find different types of software applications etc. Different people will be found in it, for example you can take the logo of Google Facebook Apple.

Can we use any other company’s logo for our service?

No, you cannot use any other company’s logo for your service or company. And especially not when the patent of those people is with that company, because all the big companies have the patent of the logo with them.

Whether you want to make a logo of your company or shop or your name, you can make it very easily. Go to play store and search logo maker you can create your own logo by installing the application. You can design it or if you want, you can also do it from the online website.

From this article you learned what is logo, What is the full form of LOGO and we hope that this information will prove useful for you.