What is mobile, What does Mobile mean

Mobile has become one of the biggest needs of the world at this time, because it has become difficult to imagine without mobile at this time. What is mobile, What does Mobile mean, And not just limited to making phone calls, mobiles are now capable of performing all kinds of tasks. What is mobile, What does Mobile mean, Such as listening to songs, watching videos, filling online forms, sending money online, ordering food online, shopping online, etc. All kinds of government and private work has become very easy due to mobile and internet.

What is mobile, What does Mobile mean

Mobile is a wonderful piece of software and hardware engineering, which has made human life much easier. Which works wirelessly but a network tower is required to connect the mobile to the network. Which is provided by different types of telecom companies. And when the mobile is in the range of that network tower, then only this mobile gets the network, and you can connect to the outside world from the mobile.

The beginning of mobile has reached 5G through 0G at this time and this journey has been very long. 1G was invented in 1980 and 2G was invented in 1992 in Finland. And this speed also worked at a very slow speed, due to which it took a lot of time to transfer a file. And after that the speed of mobile has reached 3G then 4G and you 5G. However, 4G service is provided in most places right now. But the speed of 4G is also so high that data can be transferred at a very high speed.

mobile storage

In all mobiles, a certain storage is given by the mobile company. In which the user can start files and media files of his choice, and can also share in any other device.

sim card slot

Sim card slot is one of the most important part of mobile which is till now from the invention of mobile. And user can insert his sim card in sim card slot, after that user get network in his mobile. And he can make calling, or use internet etc. In the early decades most phones had 1 SIM card slot. But gradually with increasing time, most of the companies started giving the option of two SIM card slots, even some companies used to give the option of three to four SIM card slots. But at present, 2 SIM cards are present in all the phones running. Which are present in the right or left or top side of the phone. And that SIM card slot is taken out with the help of SIM card slot ejector, and the SIM card is inserted.

memory card slot

A memory card slot is a slot in which one can insert an external memory card. And can increase the storage of your phone, but all the latest coming phones are so capable that there is no need to insert a memory card in them. Because all the companies already give a lot of storage in their phones.


Speaker is also an important part in mobile which is present in mobile since the time of invention of mobile. Only through this we are able to listen to the things happening on the phone, as well as listen to the voice of media files.


The mic of the phone works to read our voice so that it can be transmitted to the other user through thought waves. And the voice spoken by you can be played in its speaker.


The camera was not always a part of the mobile. Rather, along with the increasing time, the camera feature has been included in the mobile and the camera quality of the mobile coming in the latest time is so much better that even a high quality camera can beat it. For this reason, you people do not need to keep an extra camera, people can capture high quality pictures through their mobile only. Due to which there is no need to get printed now. Because we can always store our photos in our phone.


Fingerprint sensors are also provided in all the latest phones, which is helpful for locking and unlocking the phone. And the fingerprint sensor can read the fingerprint very smoothly, and it remains in the fingerprint working condition even when the phone is locked.

What is the importance of mobile

Because of mobile, all things digitally reach people easily. Because buying a computer is a very difficult task for everyone. And carrying a computer is also very difficult while mobile can be bought by everyone. And can be carried anywhere very easily, and can access the internet on it. And there is all kinds of information and different types of contacts on the Internet. Which fulfill all kinds of needs of a person. Then whether it is related to entertainment, related to news or related to investment etc., everyone can access them anytime from their mobile. Whereas if there was no mobile, people would not be able to access these things and due to mobile, a lot of growth has been seen in the world of internet as well. Because 68 percent of people in the whole world access the Internet through mobile only, So, if there was no mobile then these 68 percent people would not have been able to access internet service. And even at this time there is a lack of things which we get very easily from the internet.

Internet companies also generate a lot of revenue because of mobile. Because the more Internet users there are, the more profits Internet companies make. And this is a huge portion of 68 percent internet users.

What is the importance of mobile in education

Mobile has a huge contribution in education too. Because during covid-19, mobile has become the biggest support of everyone, no matter which department he is in. And mobile had a huge contribution in education during this period, because due to covid-19, there was a complete ban on education. In which mobile and internet provided education to the students for which different types of platforms were present. And during that time many platforms were also created, for example, most of the students were doing their studies through YouTube, which was through mobile only.

In the same way all the students were doing their studies using different applications and web sites. But there was a common thing in all of them which is mobile and internet because if there was no mobile then it would have been difficult for everyone to get education during this period. And not only during the pandemic of covid-19, but also at other times there is a lot of participation of mobile in education. Because students can solve their doubts on the internet by using their mobiles, they can get answers to their questions. Because even the teacher does not have the answers to every question and every small and big question cannot be asked to the teacher. So in such a situation, students can easily find answers to every question on the Internet through their mobile without any hesitation.

What are the benefits of mobile

You can estimate the benefits of mobile from the fact that you stop using mobile for 1 day. So many of your tasks will stop. And how would you feel, of course you would not want to switch off your mobile.

  • Due to mobile, many routes of education have been made, which are free and paid are also available.
  • The answer to each and every question is easily found, no matter what the question is. Because many questions are such that they cannot go anywhere from anyone. But you can get answers to your questions by using internet through mobile without telling anyone.
  • Countries can talk to people in the world by using internet through mobile
  • No matter how far the person is, you can send your message to him only by doing that.
  • Can send your pictures to your relatives and friends sitting far away
  • Due to mobile now you do not need to go to the bank to send money. You can send money online from your mobile to anyone
  • You can pay your electricity bill online, you can pay for your gas connection
  • You can fill jobs form online from your mobile
  • Use your mobile to explore different types of locations
  • Capturing photos and videos of any place has become very easy due to mobile.
  • Mobile can be used for your business. Such as selling products, blogging, uploading videos on YouTube, etc.
  • Due to mobile we do not need different types of gadgets like watch, camera, compass, speed meter, health meter etc. Because at this time all these gadgets in mobile are digitally present in our phone.
  • The tasks which used to take us whole heart or took weeks to do. Or even more time that used to take, today we can do it with our phones in just a few minutes.

What are the disadvantages of mobile

Mobile has many advantages but it also has many disadvantages. Because using anything beyond the limit can prove to be harmful. In such a situation, you need to be very careful, some such points are mentioned below. On which you should pay attention, otherwise you may suffer a lot of loss.

  • Spending more time on mobile has a bad effect on the eyes. So spend minimum time on mobile.
  • Due to excessive use of mobile, the inclination of the neck also becomes more forward because whenever we use mobile. So our body posture tends to lean more towards the front, whereas we should try to keep our body straight.
  • Due to mobile, it has become a very common thing today to create distance in the relationship.
  • Unfortunately many times the problems of mobile blast have been faced. Due to which the man gets injured a lot. Even the death of man can also become a problem.
  • If there is not much knowledge about mobile then flirting more can empty your bank account. Can hack your mobile.
  • Mobile network radiation affects a wide variety of living organisms. Over time, radiation of higher frequencies will be used. Which will prove to be even more fatal which can (potentially) reduce the length of human life.
  • Nowadays, at a very young age, children use a lot of mobiles, which makes them physically very weak. Because most of the children and not only children, even the youth also do digital gaming. While physical gaming is very important for children. Which makes their body fit and makes them playful, while using mobiles has a lot of side effects.

who invented mobile

Mobile was invented by Martin Cooper who was an American engineer.

In this article you learned what is mobile and who invented mobile. We hope this information will prove useful for you.