What is OTP, What is the full form of OTP

Today, due to technology, all the tasks have become easy. But there is one thing common in all which is security. What is OTP, What is the full form of OTP, Because if there is no security then any other user could see your accounts. And could manipulate it. What is OTP, What is the full form of OTP.

That’s why multiple types of security are used in all tasks like password, recaptcha, OTP fingerprint, 2sv etc. And today we will talk about OTP.

Most people know OTP because at this time OTP is necessary in almost all online tasks. Such as banking, social media, document verification, etc.

And the most useful thing is whatsapp, when anyone installs whatsapp in their phone. So to start it also you need OTP. You cannot use whatsapp without OTP. Not only whatsapp, OTP is required in all the tasks, if you do not enter OTP in any of those tasks, then your task will stop there. And there will be a recuirement of OTP to proceed.

what is otp, What is the full form of OTP

The full form of OTP is one time password / one time pin. OTP is also a kind of password or if you want it can also be called pin. But it can be used only once, after that that OTP expires. If ever verification is required again, then OTP is provided again by the company.

Although OTP is a kind of password, but neither this password is already present. Nor does OTP remain valid for a long time. OTP is a kind of verification pin, which is generated by the company. And is sent to your entered mobile number or email account.

After OTP is generated, it is valid only for a few minutes, and after that OTP expires. And it depends on the algorithm of that company, for how long that OTP will remain valid.

OTP usage

OTP is mainly used for verification and account security. Because OTP is such a thing, through which all kinds of verification have become very easy.

where to get otp

And especially after the introduction of Aadhaar card, there has been a lot of improvement in online verification, because most of the companies are like this. Which verifies your identity only through your Aadhaar card. And in that OTP is sent for verification by uidai. After which your Aadhaar gets verified, and that too without going anywhere.

Like if you want to open your account in any bank online then you have to verify your identity through Aadhaar card. For which uidai will send you OTP, which you can verify by putting it on that bank account opening page and create your account.

But as far as OTP is concerned, not only Aadhaar card, but you get the option of verification through OTP almost everywhere. Like suppose you want to create your facebook account. So you can enter your details normally but in that you will get an option for verification.

And for verification you have to enter your mobile number. After which OTP will be sent by facebook to your entered mobile number. And you have to verify your account by putting that OTP on the facebook account verification page.

Or if you want to make a payment using your debit/credit card, then after entering the card details for the payment and proceeding, you will get an OTP from your card company to confirm your payment. And when you enter that OTP on the verification page only then your payment will be done.

And in this way OTP also acts as a kind of security. Because suppose if your debit / credit card is lost somewhere. And even if a person gets your card, he cannot pay using your card in any way.

Because when someone will put your card detail somewhere to make payment, OTP will be sent by that card company for verification. Which will come on your mobile number. And that person will not get OTP so that payment will not be made.

In the same way OTP is used everywhere, no matter what sector it is.

Use of OTP in account security

See, I have told you above that how OTP also acts as a security for us. Similarly OTP is used for verification and security in all departments.

But apart from this OTP also works for security in many different ways. Which helps users to keep their account secure. Due to OTP, people are saved from becoming a victim of hacking.

Like if you handle facebook, google, or your own website, blog or any other account, then you keep your account locked on them through password. So that others cannot manipulate your account.

Or if you have a website, then no one can hack your website. Although there are many other ways of hacking, but if someone tries to hack your account with login method. So OTP can help you a lot in securing your account.

What to do if OTP is not received

By the way, if you are doing verification somewhere or doing payment related task, then definitely OTP will be sent to that company on your mobile number. But if you do not get that OTP, then you can request for OTP again.

But if you have activated OTP for privacy in any of your accounts. That is, two step verification, two step verification is for the security of the account.

So in this condition when you log in to your account, OTP is asked after entering the login credentials. And OTP that company sends to your mobile number, then it is obvious that you will get OTP. But if unfortunately you do not have your mobile number at that time, then companies provide backup code for such situation. which you can use.

For example, if you enable two step verification in your google account, then when you enable it, you get the backup code. You can note it down somewhere. And whenever you log in to your google account, OTP will also be asked. But if unfortunately you do not get the OTP then you can enter those backup codes. But you can use a backup code only once.

How many digits are there in OTP

There is no fixed digit of OTP, because the digits of OTP depend on the company whose service you are using. Although mostly 4 digit OTPs are used, but many companies also use 6 digit OTPs.

Even many websites use mixed OTP. In which along with numbers, letters ie alphabet are also included. But this happens very rarely. And this type of OTP based verification is mostly used for email account verification.

OTP process

OTP is a random code, which no one can guess. And no one is aware of those codes, because OTP is not generated manually.

OTP is programming based, so that the OTP program of that service itself generates OTP. Because manually processing of OTP is not possible, if you want, you can generate such random codes yourself.

Just coding will be required for this, although it is very easy to generate random codes (number). You can generate random codes in just a few lines of coding but its processing is a big task.

Many processes work from OTP generation to OTP verification, such as generating code, processing that code to match target, sending the exact same code to the user through sms, generating the code entered by the user. OTP matching.

And all these processes are computer programming based, there is no interference of any person in this whole process. That is, this whole process takes place between you and the computer program (Server). And this whole process is computer based. Therefore there is no chance of code mismatch in it. Because humans can make mistakes but machines cannot.

OTP based on Authenticator

By the way, when it comes to any verification or confirmation, then you will get the usual OTP from that company. But when it comes to the privacy of an account, apart from the usual OTP, you also get the option of an authenticator.

For authenticator based OTP, you have to install an authenticator app on your phone. And have to authenticate from that website/company. This type of authentication is also done for the security of wordpress sites.

Like if you want to enable 2sv through authenticator in your facebook or any account. So you can enable that account by authenticating with the authenticator app. And for that OTP will not be sent by the company, rather OTP will be generated in that authenticator app.

These codes will always be generated, and will automatically change after every 30 seconds. That is, one OTP will be valid only for 30 seconds.

You will find many applications for this on playstore, out of which google authenticator (50+ M Downloads) is used the most. And then after that you will get another best microsoft authenticator (10M+ Downloads). You can use any authenticator.

Importance of backup codes for Security OTP

If using 2sv for any security, then it is required that the backup code should be printed. Because if the backup code will be safe with you, then you can use it in the condition of not getting OTP.

Getting OTP without any activity

By the way, no company will ever send you OTP without any of your activity. Because when the company will not need any verification, then why will any OTP be sent to you.

But still in some cases you can get OTP without any of your activity. This happens to a lot of people, and if it is happening to you too then it is a big problem.

If this OTP is coming from your bank, then it means that your card detail or your card is with someone else. Who is trying to manipulate or transact in your bank account. If something like this happens to you, then you should immediately go to your bank branch and get your debit card blocked.

Although without OTP he will not be able to succeed in his task but still do not take any risk. And get your card blocked. If you want, you can apply for a new debit card again.

But if you get OTP from any website without any of your activity like facebook, google, twitter etc., then there are multiple conditions in it.

First condition – (If you have enabled two step verification in your account) it means that someone has the login credentials of your account. Which he is trying to login by entering and that company is sending OTP for verification. And if that OTP which is coming on your mobile number. If he gets it, that person can login to your account.

So in this condition you should go to your account immediately, and change the login credentials (password, username etc.).

Second condition – (If you have not enabled two step verification in your account) then it is obvious that your account has been hacked. And the person who hacked your account. He is trying to make any important changes in your account.

In this article you learned what is OTP and OTP full form. We hope this information will prove useful for you.