What is password, What is the meaning of Password

Password has been created for the purpose of security, in this you can create whatever password you want. What is the meaning of Password, For which you are allowed while creating Password. If you also use Password, then by doing this no one can use your system. Nor can any unknown person do any changing in it. Due to which your system will be secure and you will not have any worry about it. What is Password?

What is password, What is the meaning of Password 

Nowadays, passwords are being used in all the online social media platforms on the Internet. You cannot use it without a password, for that you will have to enter the password. Now you must be wondering which password to enter, then I would like to tell you. That when you create any account online, then while creating the account, you have to fill some basic information in it. After Basic Information, you will come to create Password in the last. In which you can also enter your own password. Which you always remember, by doing this your account will be created, now whenever you have to open that account. To login to the account by going to that platform, you will have to enter User id and Password in it. Only after this you can open your account.

If your password is wrong while logging in to your account, then your own account will also not be opened. If you forget the password you entered while creating your account, then what will happen? Whether your account will be open or not, I want to make it clear to you that without password you cannot even login your account. You will need a password, now what to do in such a situation, after forgetting the password, you still have an option. From which you can get your password. For this, while logging in to the account, there is an option Forgot Password, you can create your password again by clicking there. But the account should be yours, Because to create another password from the Forgot option, a verification message will go to your phone. After accessing it, your password will be reset. And you will get the option to create a new password in it. From where you can create a password again, and using that password you can open your account.

All the online accounts have a password attached to them, so that no other unknown person can open your account. The best example in Online Account that you can understand is Facebook. If you have a phone then you must have used Facebook sometime or the other. If you have noticed, then a process is very important to use a Facebook. That is to login your account on Facebook. When you login to your account, you have to enter your username or mobile number and a password. When you enter the correct username and password, your account opens in Facebook.

In the same way, the use of Password is done from phone, computer to all online works.

how to know password

It is very easy to know the password of any account, for this you just have to go to that portal. Whose password you want to know like Facebook.

Now there you will get the option of Forgot password. Enter your ID by clicking on it and after that the message will come on your ID (Mobile number/Email). In which there will be a paan, enter it and set a new password.

Hide password

It is very important for you to know this because it is often used. When we do anything related to Password in our system, are you not thinking that Hide Password is also a Password in a way. If you are thinking like this then there is no need to think like this. Because Hide Password is not a different type of Password. Hide Password means to hide the password.

Sometimes it happens when you have to hide your password like suppose you have a cyber cafe shop. And you do all the work related to Online in it, and many people come to you to get the work related to Online done, and your shop is crowded. There are some online works at the shop in which there is no need to enter the password. But it is useful if you have to pay someone’s online money. So while paying money, you will have to enter your password in it, then your money will be transferred somewhere. Where the password is entered, you get the option of Hide Password. After clicking on which when you enter your password, it will not be visible.

  • Let’s try to understand the meaning of Hide Password while opening Facebook. When we login to our Facebook, then it comes to enter the password. Like in the photo below, we have entered our Password Surjeet @ 123. And we can see what we have entered in the password.
  • If we want to hide this password so that it is not visible while entering the password, then we have to click on the Hide option visible in it, so that the password will be hidden. If we want that the password we enter should be visible to us, then if there is already Password Hide for that. So by clicking on show the password will be visible.

what password to enter

What to enter the password is also a matter to consider, because we should not enter such a password, whatever you enter your password, enter it very carefully. You can put anything in your password, whether it is someone’s name or a mobile number, or you can enter the password according to your own coding. Whatever you like, but you must keep this in mind while creating a password. Enter the password that you always remember if you are entering a password like a big coding. So, in order to remember it, the password must be noted down in a diary.

Nowadays people are using the phone number to create a password, which is correct to a large extent. In this, you can create a password by taking the middle number between the phone number. If you want, you can enter your father’s or brother’s sister’s number as a password on your phone or anywhere else. And one thing must be kept in mind, never make your phone number a password. Because nowadays people can even open your account by guessing something.

what is strong password

Strong Password is also not a different type of Password, Strong Password means the strength of your Account Password so that no unknown person can guess your Password and open it. When you enter your password anywhere, then you should enter only Strong Password there. Security is more in this type of password. By entering a strong password of your account, your account is also saved from being hacked.

You can create Strong Password in many ways, by using numbers or by entering someone’s name or you want to enter even Stronger Password. So while creating a password, you can create numbers and letters as well as special characters by mixing them together. For example, how can you create a Strong Password by combining numbers, letters and special characters together? Strong Password – Surjeet@63Au.

what is a weak password

If we talk about it, then it can also be called a normal password. Which we use as our password. The account in which such passwords are engaged. The chances of those accounts being hacked are very high. Many people generally make a password of their name while making a password or make a password of a common word. Which people can open by guessing, then this type of password is called weak password. Whenever you create any of your password, make it as Strong Password, not as weak Password.

how to create a strong password

We should be careful in creating a password, because it plays an important role in providing security in all computers or phones. Whenever you create your password, keep in mind that no one else is watching my password. When you have created your password, do not share that password with anyone. If you tell your password to someone else, then maybe he can tamper with your account using your user id and password.

Whenever you create your password, make it a very strong password, no one can guess the password made in this way. And your account will also be safe, if you want to make your password normal. So there is a problem, but as far as I think, I make my every password very strong. Whenever you create your password, you also have to remember that which password was created for this account. Because after having many accounts, many people forget their password or get confused. So to avoid this type of problem, you can also note down your password somewhere.

In this article you learned what is Password, What is the meaning of Password. We hope this information will prove useful for you.