What is pen, What is the meaning of Pen

Pen is an important part of all students’ life, pen is not only an important part of students’ life. What is pen, What is the meaning of Pen, Rather, even after pen student life, most of the people have one most important need. However, at this time, due to technology, computers are used. That’s why the need for pen has reduced. But it has only decreased. And only in a few places and places where computers work. It does not mean that pen is not used there. Rather Pen is used. What is a pen, What is the meaning of Pen.

But yes, most of the tasks are done from the computer itself, so the pen requirement is less, and it is also appropriate because it takes time to make changes in finding any note, text registered with the pen. Whereas on computer all this happens in just a few seconds.

No matter how much technology increases, it is not possible to stop using the pen. Because pen is the primary method of writing, and some time back we have told about the book, officially there is no full form of pen.

what is pen, What is the meaning of Pen.

Pen is a pen, that is, a writing tool that is used to write a text. Only the work done manually by the people with the pen is done. Pen is mostly used by the students. Because pen, copy and book are the true companions of student’s life.

Most of the time of a student is spent with these, modern pens are very light. And also gives very good performance. But earlier this was not the case because earlier these modern pens did not exist. And different types of tools were used for writing.

Penn history

If your age is more than this around 25, then you must know about many types of pens. But if your age is less then probably you will not have any idea about it. Because gradually the modern pen started being used all over the world, and the rest of the other writing method (Pen) collapsed.

And among them the oldest pens include pens made of natural things.


There was a time when both teachers and students used chalk. And at that time the students used to have a wooden board instead of a copy. Which was used by everyone as a copy, since it was written with chalk (a special type of clay), so the next note was done after erasing it. By the way, the wooden plank has completely declined, because modern copies have taken its place. But chalk is still used, and that too only by teachers to teach students.

By the way, now in most places whiteboard + marker is used instead of blackboard + chalk. That’s why maybe in a few years the chalk will also collapse. Chalk is a special type of soil, which is made from several processes that can be written. Even at present, chalk is in trend and it is mainly used in government school (primary + secondry) calss. It is also done in some private schools, but probably after a few years the use of chalk will stop in these schools too.

After the option of whiteboard + marker is present, chalk is used only because. Because chalk is much cheaper than marker.

Peacock feather

This is the oldest writing tool included, the history of writing instruments says that there was no other such best option among all the things present at that time. Which could be used for writing but the front part of peacock feather was absolutely perfct for this. It was neither sharp nor thick. And there was no need for any modification in it. Because the best peacock feather could be chosen from different types of peacock feathers.

After that, wooden pens were made on the same basis, which is known by the name of Sentha. Perhaps very few people would know about Sentha, Sentha is the gift of Sarpat. Sentha is a type of wood found in Sarpat. And it would be interesting to know why this same wood was used as a pen. Because many woods were available, but why only Sarpat wood was chosen for the pen.

Because the outer part of Sarpat wood is hard and smooth. And its inner part is very soft, after giving it the shape of a pen, it also became durable. And because of its soft interior, it was more capable of handling ink.

It was used in two ways, one was to put it directly in ink and take it out and write. And everyone knows that there is a lot of creativity in the minds of the students. So the other way of using it was made by the students themselves. However, the students used to do all the tasks of extracting sentha from Sarpat and making it a pen. But another improvement was made in it, by which a little space was cut in the middle of that pen. So that ink can be stored in it. And there is no need to put the pen in ink again and again. Since it was used with ink, once something is written it cannot be erased.

nib pen

This pen was the latest and modern pen of that time and this pen was much more capable than other pens of that time. Because nib pen did not need to put ink again and again. And the reason for this was that there was a mini ink tank on top of the nib. In which a large amount of ink could be stored and could be written continuously without stopping.

The pin pen was completely made of plastic but the nib was of steel or iron. And there was also a plastic nib in its nib. Which was connected to the ink tank. And that plastic nib used to transmit ink to the main nib so that it could be written continuously.

One time use pen

This type of pen can be used only once if its ink runs out, so you cannot put ink in it from outside. Although the ink inserted in it is of very best quality, this is the reason that it lasts for a long time.

Refill pen

Refill pen is the only pen that is used the most, it is such a pen. Which is made up of two different parts. first – a rod containing ink and a mini nib is installed. And the second rod box in pen size, and the ink rod is inserted in this rod box. After which the pen becomes ready.

And if its ink runs out, then its ink rod can be changed. Which is cheaper than buying a pen.

Chemical pen

This is a special kind of pen because the text written through this pen automatically disappears after a few minutes or hours. It is not appropriate to use this pen anywhere. Because suppose if you fill a form. If there is a deal, there is a signature, then the information done with this pen will automatically disappear after a few minutes. And that form, paper which you had filled will become empty.

Gel Pen

Gel pen is a kind of soft pen because when you write with a normal pen. So maybe you may have to press the Pen a little. Because the ink of normal pens are a bit hard. Whereas the inks of gel pens are very soft, so that these pens give a different feel of writing.

The inks of gel pens are soft and they do not come out of the ink rod, so a little gel is put on top of the ink in the rod. So that ink can be protected, its ink is soft. So it is obvious that the ink of this pen will be spent sooner than the ink of the normal pen.

It is not appropriate to use this pen everywhere, because if it is used on soft paper. So its ink starts appearing on the other side of the paper which does not look good at all. By the way, if you are a student then you can use gel pen in your copies. There is no problem with this, but yes gel pen should not be used on forms, documents.

MultiPen rods

Such pens are used for multi purpose. The size of the pen remains the same as that of a normal pen, but multiple rods are inserted in it. And whatever is needed can be used. These types of pens mainly have red and blue rods, although people do not like these types of pens. Rather, they both like to carry different colored pens.

gritty pen

Such pens are not normally used for writing, because the words written by them are gritty. And normally this type of text is not allowed anywhere. Yes but it can be used in different types of special text. And the text written in this way is also very impressive. You can use this type of pen mainly on greeting cards, gifts, invitation letter etc.

Difference between modern pen and old pen

One of the most common things about old pens was that the writing point of all pens remained constant. Means the ink was till the writing point of the pen and the writing point used to rub on the copy. So that people could write with it, but modern pens work differently from them.

Modern pen has a mini ball which always rotates in the direction of writing while writing. So that the ink above that mini ball touches the ball. And along with the rotation of the ball on the copy, the ink is applied at that place. And whatever we write keeps getting printed.

In this article you learned what is Pen and Pen meaning. We hope this information will prove useful for you.