What is robot, What is the full form of Robot

Many people hear the name bot/robot etc. regularly, whether it is on social media, on TV or in any game, and especially since pubg has come. What is robot, What is the full form of Robot, Since then most people know Bot / Robot words. Because there are robots in games too, so today we will know what a bot is and especially it will be interesting to know how robots work. What is Robot, What is the full form of Robot.

So first of all understand that both Robot and Bot are not different things, both are the same, just someone says Bot and someone else Robot. Although both are the same, but yes they can be called a little different. Like Bot we can call them those who work vertually, and Robots can be called those who work physically.

what is a robot, What is the full form of Robot 

The full form of Bot is Robot, Robot is a program developed by computer. To which some commands and instructions are given through programming. And the robot works on the same bases, whether it is a virtual robot or a physical robot, now it can be done. If you also have confusion about virtual and physical robots, then let’s get information about physical and virtual robots.

Robot is a computer program and a2z programs of computer are made through computer programming. Which is also known as coding, which includes different types of computer languages, such as java, php, python, html, c, c ++ etc.

Making a robot individually can be a bit difficult because there is a whole team for any big project. And most internet companies use robots. Because it is not possible to do big projects manually, for which the help of robots is taken.

Robots are based on artificial intelligence and even if a robot works in a very smart way. And can work alone equal to a whole team, can do a lot of tasks in less time. But its processing has to be done by a human only. How to make it, for which program to make it all depends on its developer. And also, the more advanced the robot is made, the more its cost increases. Because it still requires the use of advanced technology, more sophisticated hardware and computer programming are required.

You can get a big glimpse abroad because robots also work in many hotels and restaurants. Which work on different methods, out of which some robots work as guards. So some robots are used and used for food serving and other services.

It depends on how advanced the robot can work. How smartly it has been made because many robots can adjust their power as well. If their power gets reduced then they set automatic power plug in. While some robots need to be plugged in manually, after that they work.

How many types of robots are there

See, if you search, you will be told on the internet that there are many types of robots, but mainly there are three types of robots, which are:

  • Physical Robot – known as robot
  • Vertual Robot – This type of bots are used on internet or in softwares
  • Graphic based robots – These are such bots that control a graphic such as robots in pubg

Now yes, in all these types of robots, different types of robots are made and designed according to the need for different types of tasks.

Although it is difficult to develop all types of robots. It is expensive but it depends on the type of robot to be developed for which task

physical robot

Physical robots can be seen and touched, even if you have not seen robots in real life but must have seen them in movies. And just recently a physical robot named sofia has been developed. Which is quite advance, if you want, you can search on the net, which is designed exactly like a lady.

Physical robot has to be programmed but along with that it is also given body shape. It can be of humans, it can be of dogs etc. Till now physical robots have been made on the basis of different living beings. And it is not that physical robot will be ready just by giving body shape. Rather the physical robot is hard coded which means a lot of coding is required. And coding is done on the basis that the owner wants to make that robot.

Physical robots are also placed in offices and shops for a variety of tasks, making people’s tasks easier. And a robot is capable of doing the same work as many people because the robot is a machine. Which only needs to be made more advanced and can work for a long time without getting tired.

virtual robot

Vertual robot cannot be touched even in some condition it cannot be seen. And can be seen in some conditions. Because some virtual robots are made in such a way that they will do their task, but we will not be able to see and from time to time the user gets the result of that task. For example, Google Robot is one of the biggest examples of virtual robots. Perhaps you will not have any idea about Google Bot, but bloggers are well acquainted with Google Bot.

Although the virtual robot may seem like a very small robot to you. But you will be surprised to know that the robots of Google search engine work at a very advanced level. And do so much work everyday. That even other robots of the rest of the world together might not be able to match them. Because Google robots do the work of reading millions, billions of pages every day and set them according to their algorithm. Which is a very long algorithm made by Google Employee.

graphic based robot

Such robots can be seen but cannot be touched. And graphic based robots are also given some tasks from programming just like other robots. And works only on those programs like in pubg, pubg is the most popular game. And when you play pubg you will get bots many times. This type of graphics is mainly used in different types of games.

Pubg Robot

As we have mentioned above, there are graphic based bots in games, same thing happens in pubg. Pubg is a multiplayer game in which people play by connecting to the internet. And there are 100 people in 1 match and 60 people in pubg lite. But not all of them are humans. Some of these are robots which are automated programs, and the game becomes more interesting because of the robots.

Although robots are also programmed in such a way that they can fire other players. Can hide but they are not very active. When you are new in pubg you will get more robots, and as you progress the number of robots will decrease.

In pubg you can identify the robot in these ways.

Their fire is loose, robots do not auto fire, that is, bots fire intermittently. Robots run or walk slower than a normal plyer. And when you kill a robot, you will see that it does not have any more items.

How to make Robot

To make a robot, first of all you have to decide what kind of robot you want to make. Physical robot, Virtual robot, Graphic based robot, because one thing is common in all. And that programming means coding for that, but if you want to make a physical robot. So you have to install the hardware as well and do coding for it.

But if you want to make a virtual robot, then you can make it only with the help of some softwares. For which only programming will be required. But for graphic based robot it is necessary to have graphic knowledge along with programming.

In this article you learned what is Robot and what is the full form of Robot. We hope this information will prove useful for you.