What is teacher, what is the meaning of Teacher

The person who gives education is called teacher, and the one who receives education is called student, wherever you may take education. Like school, college, coaching etc. What is teacher, What is the meaning of teacher,  your educator will be your teacher. Age doesn’t matter in a teacher if the person is younger than you. But he teaches you, gives you knowledge, so he will be your teacher. What is teacher.

Teachers give education to their students so that students can become a successful person by being educated. Today’s students are the future of the world tomorrow.

What is teacher, What is the meaning of teacher

The mental development of the student is done by the teacher only. However, only the teacher cannot do anything, no matter how much the teacher asks and explains the students to read. But it also depends on the student how much he follows his teacher.

For better education, there should be better coordination between teacher and student. A teacher is a true and selfless guide to his students, although the teacher gets paid to teach you. Money definitely matters to everyone. Everyone has needs but it is absolutely selfless for the teacher to give knowledge to the students. And every teacher tries to give deep knowledge to his students.

And the teacher is most happy on the success of the student. The teacher has the most important role in educating the world and giving a new direction to the society. In India, the school, college is considered a temple and the teacher is considered to be the God there.

what are the duties of a teacher

Teacher does not mean that he should have only bookish relation with you. Because an ideal teacher is not just a teacher of books. Rather, managing the students in a personal way is the identity of an ideal teacher.

An ideal teacher not only acts as a teacher but also acts as a guide. Conducting education by understanding the feelings and thoughts of the students, definitely not every teacher can become an ideal teacher. You will find different types of teachers in only one school/college. You can divide them into categories according to their behavior.

Providing education to students

All teachers may behave however their primary work is teaching. So it is obvious that all teachers will do teaching but they should do teaching with full dedication and hard work. Most of the teachers also do it but those who do not do it cannot be called a good teacher.

Because hard work, dutifulness, discipline are the only true companions of a teacher who make him an ideal teacher. Because students cannot be made an ideal student just by book knowledge. Rather, only an ideal teacher can give ideal knowledge to the students by his dutifulness.

teacher’s own knowledge

By the way, in almost all government schools and colleges, people are selected as teachers after a lot of process. Even the admission of students has to go through a process like exam/interview. But many private people forget these things.

Although private schools keep more discipline than government schools to develop themselves more. But in some schools there are some teachers who do not have special knowledge about any subject. But they are hired as teachers.

Those schools do this only so that they do not have to invest much and hire teachers with minimum salary. But they don’t care about his knowledge and teaching experience. Because a better teacher may have to pay more salary.

Because anyone can give bookish knowledge, for better knowledge it is necessary to have a better teacher. So if you have a school/college and if you have hired such teachers. So you should think about that and take an appropriate decision.


Along with teaching, it is the duty of the teacher to discipline the students as well because without discipline the development of the student remains incomplete. Good discipline reflects the image of a good school, college and a good teacher.

For discipline, the teacher may have to exercise a little strictness, but if such strictness is exercised by which the student becomes disciplined, then it is necessary to do so. Because it is not necessary that the person who likes it should be given only that, rather it should be given. What is right for them is fair and will better them and their future.

And if you are a student and you have a teacher who does not have proper knowledge. Or that teacher is rude then he is not fit to be called a teacher. You can apply the principle to remove such a teacher from your class.

Our aim is not to hurt the feelings of any teacher, but the truth is that if a teacher cannot give ideal knowledge to the students. So maybe it can prove to be harmful for the future of those students. Because the teacher is not considered greater than God, so if you are a teacher. So try to be a better and ideal teacher. Try to improve your own knowledge so that you can prove to be a better teacher for your students.

Ideal Teacher (Conclusion)

Look, there is no problem with any type of teacher. But an ideal teacher is a true companion and guide of the students. And builds an ideal society.

That’s why all schools and colleges should hire ideal teachers. If there are some awkward teachers in their school, college, then they should be pressurized to become a better teacher. So that the students get a good ideal environment.

teacher’s place in society

Teacher has the highest position in the society no matter who it is but a teacher is the best. An ideal teacher is respected everywhere.

planned teaching, program

Teacher does not just mean to give knowledge but an ideal teacher can understand his studnents very well. And can make different types of plans on their teaching. Various types of programs can be organized which will enhance the all round development of the students.

how to become a teacher

If you want to work as a teacher in any such school or college. So it depends on that through which process they hire teachers. But if you want to do teaching from 1st class to 12th class then your 12th should be complete. After that you can contact private schools. You can get a job as a teacher. But if you have more qualification then maybe you can get a good package too.

But if you want to do teaching in any course, diploma, engineering college. So you have to do courses related to that course, diploma. Because only then you will be able to teach the students or else you have done B.ed. So in almost private schools, colleges, you can get the post of teacher very easily.

But if you want to become a government teacher. Then whether it is on a small scale or on a large scale, you may have to spend a lot of time for it. Because many courses will have to be done for this. And just doing those courses will not make you a teacher. Rather after that you can apply for government job.

And there is merit / exam based selection, so if you want to become a teacher of the smallest class of government school ie primary. Even then you have to complete at least BTC.

Similarly, different types of courses are available for different types of teacher posts. Whatever you like, you can do according to your qualifications.

There are many courses like NTT, Bed, TGT PGT, CTET, TET, UCG NET etc. Which provide different types of teacher posts, if you want to become a government teacher. So without any specific course one cannot become a teacher. And after that there will be merit/exam based selection.

teacher’s respect

Although everyone respects the teacher, but every year on September 5, Teacher’s Day is celebrated in honor of the teacher. And they are respected by the students. Students celebrate their teacher’s day with their teachers in different ways, honoring them in different ways.

Such as ribbon cutting, cake cutting, gifts, various cultural programs. But do you know why the date of Teacher’s Day is not different like other festivals, why it is celebrated only on 5th September every year.

There is a special reason for celebrating and honoring teachers day, whose full credit goes to “Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan” who was also a teacher. Teacher’s day is celebrated on his birth anniversary and he was born on 5 September 1888.

After he became the President on May 1962, some of his friends proposed to celebrate his birthday. Some of his students also thought of honoring and celebrating him as a teacher. In response to which Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan said that instead of respecting only me personally, all teachers should be respected.

And since then Teachers’ day started to be celebrated, for the first time in India Teachers’ day started being celebrated. Teachers day is celebrated on the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. And because of these it is celebrated, hence it is also called Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Jayanti and the teacher is respected.

Teacher’s day is respected by the student in various ways. For example, in education center (school, coaching, college, etc.) giving party to teacher by different classes, giving them gifts, taking blessings from them etc.

Beginning of Indian education system

However, at this time the education system has improved a lot in all the countries. But there was a time when the education system was completely different. At that time there used to be Gurukuls and knowledge was given to the disciples by sages and sages. Yes, at that time students were called disciples.

Mostly people know the teacher by the name of the teacher only. Which means teacher in Hindi, mostly sir is spoken by the student to call them. But on the other hand, in schools and colleges of villages, they are known by different names like Pandit ji, master ji, guru ji, sir ji.

However, everything is changing due to evolution. Gradually it is being adopted everywhere to call the teacher sir ji. And tell us in the comment which name you like to call the teacher.

A true guide

An ideal teacher gives various information of the world along with bookish knowledge. Due to which there is an all-round development of the students and also serve as a guide for their future prospects. So that it is easy for the students to decide what they should do next and what studies they should do. It is also the responsibility of a teacher to create different types of enthusiasm in the minds of students and almost all teachers do it.

And such enthusiasm gives courage to the students to do great feats, the teacher guides his students without any selfishness. Many students make their teachers proud with their great achievements.

World Wide Teacher

There was a time when we could study or do coaching only through some specific teachers. But now it is not at all like this, now is the time of technology, you can take education from your school, college teachers. And together, now you can take education through various educators by using technology.

No matter where you are from, no matter how underdeveloped area you are, but now study is in your hands. You can get knowledge from teachers all over the world. You just have to have mobile, and you can read anything anytime through internet and that too for free.

No matter which class you are in but you want to read about any other class, course, engineering etc. Or want any help regarding your current studies, then you will get its solution online.

If you want, you can read on blogs, blog means a kind of website on which everything is written like books. And it is explained well, during any problem, you can also ask its solution in the comment.

If you want, you can also study from online videos. There are millions of teachers from all over the world on youtube. Who do teaching on various subjects. Or if you want, you can adopt another method of online study, which is online live classes.

In online live classes, teachers are live and teach the students. For this youtube is also a best option, but there are some other apps which provide much better preparation. But some of these services are also paid.

However, most of the online teaching is ad based because the teacher also gets money from it. And the student does not even have to pay a fee, but paid apps may be a bit costly for the students.

But no problem, you can study online without any other app, there are millions of teachers on youtube who will do it.

However when a teacher is in school, college. And if he teaches to the students then that teacher is given salary by the school. And his salary is very limited, but the income of online teachers is much more than these. And their source of earning is ad. You are shown ads in the middle of the video, due to which they earn.

If you read on any website, then you will get to see ads there too. Which is their source of earning, but you will not be shown ads on the websites, apps on which paid studies are done. Because you have taken its paid subscription.

Although millions of teachers are available online who teach us on various topics. But we cannot make these teachings our primary study method. Because this is a kind of informal education.

That’s why the primary school of study will remain the college in which we are given formal education. Yes you can adopt online study as coaching after your school, college time.

what is the job of a teacher

A teacher should always perform his duties as he is. To guide our students properly and provide higher education.

what is the difference between education and teacher

On the one hand, education is that knowledge. Which is given to us and the giver of that knowledge is called a teacher.

what are the duties of a teacher

The first of the teacher’s tasks is to educate his students. And at the same time keeping in mind the expectation of making an ideal student.

what is the role of teacher in student life

Teacher has the biggest role in student life on which the whole life of the student depends. Because if the teacher gives proper and correct education to the student during his tenure. So the student can achieve success in future. And in student life, teachers are the biggest friends of the students. Students spend most of their time with the teacher.

From this article you learned what is a teacher and What is the meaning of teacher. We hope this information will prove useful for you.